Dying inside

"I was born alone and I died alone-before I go- you're all invited to the show- please stare- its the mask you made me wear- this is the face of true despair" Samhaine Tsuke in Heart String Marionette
I see the true face of despair all the time... its all around me...

 I hope the people that have seen Heart String Marionette realized that the tagline "You will die inside" is not claiming that the film will cause you to die inside- the film itself illustrates a few ways the status quo will cause you to "die inside" if you follow its lead... its life saying "you will die inside"

We are everyone we've been up to this point in this life- I'm still the 5 year old me... the 10 year old me... the 15 year old me... they are all still in here... I hear their voices... sometimes I follow their leads... sometimes I don't...but I do listen...

Your art needs your attention or it will die... you can be excited about it... it can have life... but if you ignore it for too long it will wilt and die like a flower lacking sunshine and water... and what is a world without flowers?

Your inner child may be obnoxious or annoying some times but without it I think life is pretty dull... and in my opinion it's what pushes creativity... the ability to play... to not take things too seriously... without it perhaps you can do good business but I don't think you can make good art.

If you even have the chance to make art I think you should consider yourself very lucky... as I do... but with that ability comes a responsibility me thinkS... if a lot of other people are stuck in the drudgery that the status quo forces them into shouldn't we... the people that can show them other sides to life create some flowers?

As dark and as twisted as my stuff may be some times... with my feature films I'll always try to create something beautiful... Zeami, the mastermind behind Noh likened a Noh play and performance to a flower... the actor as a flower... unfolding... showing more of its beauty over time... 

We all have that flower inside of us... and many of us let it die before its fully flowered... if you can still hear its voice listen every once in awhile... show your true colors ^_^ It would make the world a nicer place to be in.


  1. Eloquently stated d00d! I remember back in highschool due to pressure I cut mah hair for some job and felt like a piece of shit. If you keep giving into phonies when will it end? Now I'm 23 and feel the same pressures. CONFORM AND SUBMIT TO MAKE MONIES. But I've decided to be an authentic and righteous mothafucka even if it hurts me in some ways. Yeah, in a world of phonies I think the hsm message will help lots of people

  2. Man i've felt so dissapointed of people and things in general lately, but the wreck it ralph movie was just crossing the line. For real??, you can't make original charaters so you take bowser, bison, zangief and all of the other existing videogame characters just to make a fucking movie, "we can afford that shit anyway!, look how awesome our totally new and completely original movie full of videogmae characters you already know is!!". For me that's touching bottom, that's how writters and animators are going these days, I used to remember old school cartoons had a moral, integrity, not like the shit that's on internet and T.V. nowdays. All of it it's for the friking lulz "OMG, this cartoon is so funny!", yeah it's good too laugh, but if all your life goal is look at several clowns everyday trying to make you laugh with the same joke over and over again, then something is wrong. People is dying inside at an alarming rate, i want to stay aside from all that.


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