Get on the clocK to get more work done

So to make my goal of having some new writing projects done by 2013 I've adopted a new technique that may be helpful to some of you out there as well...

Procrastination and distraction is our worst enemy especially if we do out work on a computer that has internet access... we can say we put in 2, 4 or 8 hours of work a day because we were like on the computer doing work off and on BUT we don't really know how much is work and how much is everything else...

So I download this free OS X application called Thyme as I do my writing on my Mac laptop... here's two different PC equivalents here and here

I want to make sure I do at least 8 hours of pure writing a day- so when I'm writing I run the timer- when I get up to make tea or check my mail or do anything that is NOT writing I stop the timer and start it when I'm actually writing again...

If you put the focused hours in you WILL get work done- so figure out how much time you can do a day and get on the clock ^_^

Its been really effective for me so maybe it'll help you too.


  1. Such an awesome idea! i'm implementing it right now too :), it also helps you limit your time spent in useless crap.


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