Moving forward any way you can!

So I just finished a new 92 page animated feature script in 4 days- So now I will have four un-produced new scripts- their pretty useless sitting around until I make them into films but it got me thinking-

So I'm thinking shouldn't I write novels based on my un-produced scripts since writing costs nothing to do? So I can write and release the novels as standalone works and see how their received... and the ones that get the most interest will be the ones I make into films?

I've been working on my first novel thats not related to a film and I'm having fun with it and liking the results so why not turn the stories from the scripts into books?

If they get no interest but I still love them I'll make them into films- otherwise its just more writing practice for me and more of my work in a different medium out there which can't hurt...

I just feel that as a creative person you just have to keep moving forward exploring all possibilities that are open to you... right now I'm having a lot of fun sitting in a quiet dark room with only a candle- writing on my laptop ^_^

It should be the stories, concepts and characters that drive all of our films, animation or whatever so if you're unable to express them any other way because of the expenses/skills/complications involved get writing!

Your characters and stories are calling you! Let them live! They don't care how they just want to get out there!


  1. That's awesome man, you're a machine!

    I think that's a pretty cool idea, converting scripts you are maybe not feeling 'a film' from them into a novel. Would be pretty cool to go the other way too, see if you can split one into 12 page chunks and do something episodic like Badassery in the down times.

    Yeah would be such a shame not to let the stories get out there. Although they may not be the next, 'Heart String Marionette' to you, different things resonate to different people, there's probably an audience awaiting.

  2. I'd deff like to read a book by you.. but I'd probably hold off if it will eventually get turned into a movie cuz I wouldn't wanna taint the experience with my shit visual imagination..

    But if it was one of the unused scripts like the scifi one, HELLZ YEH. I would definitely be excited! And I know you're sick of HSM/WATS stuff but a few short stories in a book would definitely be cool! Like a Lord Wor back story or what happened to Rain/Ori. Or maybe one of the deleted characters from HSM?!?

    Also tried Thyme out yesterday LIFE CHANGING SHIT

  3. december 2013 is coming fast brotha!
    Also I think you should put the podcast on youtube and fund it through shoutouts and maybe quick promotions via a kickstarter page ...

    see here for

    they ran 3 kickstarter campaigns totalling over 5k ..(the original goal for all three was 1500$)

    ~The Mad Reagent

  4. ur crazy mdot... hella crazy busy... You should take one of your scripts and shop it around, see if you can get some scrilla as a screenwriter.

  5. Can't say the idea of just novelizing my scripts hasn't come across my mind. I'd say its the animating passion that prevents me from doing that, though. I want to see my mind-babies come to life, you know?
    Side note, kind of related... A while back when i was first reading B_book, i had ordered chinese food. The fortune cookie's fortune read
    "Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment."
    That fortune is very similar to some of your motivational lines in B_Book... And as you intended, it got me to really get going with my project.
    Recently i started to get back into the 'slacking' mood. Then, today while at work dustmopping the store i found a fortune on the ground.
    "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing."
    Guess who i thought of?

    1. We are get in those slacking moods sometimes- the past 2 weeks has been tough for me- have been wanting to slack off- play video games or do something else then I go try everything I have to do but it ends up being boring so then I come back to the work again which of course is more interesting ^ ^


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