New ideas be a growiN in 2012

So I'm working on a whole new animated film idea and a 2d game to go along with the film AND an unrelated 3d game that is probably the worst idea I've ever had so it'll probably be successful ^_^

I read this book and this book on Game Design which helped shift my brain into that world a little as I knew nothing about it and don't play games much anymore but it helped focus the ideas...

So I'm hoping to move forward and learn a lot about creating games.... for the 2d one I'm playing with Construct 2 as its really easy to use and has some good features... for the 3d one I'm going to mess with Unity 3d.

Super genuiS guy Tyson turned me on to Unity 3d after I saw the awesomeness that he is making with it in Zombox, I asked him how he learned Unity and he said that he just started using it and dug into the doc's so that was really inspiring!

Most of these game engines have free versions so you can develop limited versions of your games without having to pay for anything so that is definitely nicE.

It looks like the Heart String Marionette real world premiere will be at the Waterloo Festival of Animated film in November so if you want to see the film on a big screen and perhaps kick it with Endika or myself watch that site yo

Also HSM was recently featured on CgSociety and HSM hentai was made ^_^


  1. I support you this 100% man :), you'll make a great game :), and i'll be looking forward to play it. Let me state this with a little quote from gurren lagann :): "Messenger! Nia: The likelihood of my return is close to zero.
    Simon: Maybe, but it isn't zero. And for me, that makes it the same as a hundred percent chance!"

  2. I'm certainly interseted in what type of games you have in mind!
    I'd love to know more about the stories and themes and such.

  3. That's exciting news, Mdot! You will love Unity 3D. And congrats on the Waterloo Festival appearance. Let me know that date and if I can, I'll hang out with you dogs. Good write up at CGSociety, too. Oh, man, so glad for you.

  4. Whatever you seem to do tends to work Mdot. I cant wait to see your future projects. Keep it up!

  5. Fucking Canada? I'd like to catch an Mdot screening one day, but shit.

  6. Oh congrats on the screening bruv.

  7. At first I was like ;_; Canada.. so far away

    Then I was like wait a fucking minute, Waterloo aint that far away O_O

    I wanna gooooo, hopefully something works out (^_^)/

    congratulations duuudeees!!!

  8. Congrats M. Hope all da best

    Did you get my message with website links on how to get everyone involved in creating the dub for HSM in all lanuages. I know you have had alot of spam lately.

  9. Yo Mdot....I'm learning Unity3d too so let me know if you want to hang and geek out on it some time.

    Wishing you creativity and all that good shit.


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