Stereograms, film, secret societies, and hooded figures.

For people that don't know how to shift their vision to see the image or message within this image is just a bunch of random noise...

BUT if you know how to shift your perception to see the image hidden inside... its obviously a human figure... you do not lack the ability to perceive what's hidden....

NOW for the people that lack the ability to see what the image is, it is their REAL experience that THIS IS a bunch of random noise... you can argue with them but until they gain the ability to SEE there's nothing you can do...

Now I'm not a member of any secret societies like the O.T.O. or a part of the inner circle of Free Masonry or anything BUT even as a profane member of unilluminated society I'm aware that images such as these from "Secret teaches of all ages" contain a message... a lesson to learn...

I am aware that this is not a random image or visual nonsense... I'm not aware of the images purpose or message because I'm not an initiate in free masonry but I'm not going to claim that it is nonsense... to do so would make be a buffoon...

I''ve read a lot of the works of Rudolf Steiner, Aleister Crowley and the massive Matrix compilation books by Val Valerian amongst a lot of other "occult" material... I got into all that stuff when I was a teenager and it really influenced the path I've taken with my films... with my purpose in art... I never wanted to make films for purely entertainment purposes...I had a different idea because of my influences...

The clusterfuckery is that I'm making "films" which for most people are just "entertainment"... NOW I'm still trying to make entertaining stuff but my feature films as a whole are something different... well I'm trying to do something different... there's messages hidden for those that are able to read them... 

With pop culture and mass media... with films, games and whatever else escapism runs rampant... I know that the first step in personal growth and development is to stop running away and start listening to yourself... so in my films I'm trying to stimulate this introspection... trying to generate reactions and reflection in the viewer... which is a no no in "entertainment".... I'd like to think film is an art... 

This world is but a shadow of what truly lies behind the veil of physicality and non-extrasensory aware ness... a large part of you is behind that veil as well... will you ever meet them? Or will they continue to be the shadowy foe that plagues you so? Art is a way to see through the shadow.

I used to be afraid of the dark myself.... until I met that part of myself and we became friends... it was dark but there were no shadows... I saw myself lying there and wondered... where are the shadows? Am I the shadow? 

Shadowy figures were abound- they showed me "films"- I have a "film" idea in line with that but its not the time yet- Do you have a fascination with "aliens" or "ufo's"? Have you had strange experiences with hooded figures or non human entities? Visions of a dark future? If so now you know why your interested in my films.

Or it could all just be random noise.?

We are supposedly a higher form of intelligence compared to ants... are we stooping down trying to communicate with ants? Do we pay any attention to them at all? Probably not as we think their existence is mundane.... NOW if there is a higher form of intelligence above man maybe they look at humans in the same way?

Now if the ants in your house used bits of sand to write "hello" all of a sudden you would take notice and try to communicate with them right?

Perhaps artists free from commercial restraint should create works that attempt to communicate a message to the forms of intelligence above ours?


  1. Fucking illuminati myaaaaannnn, hahaha. I would say you're full of shit but I did see the hooded shadow guys when I was caught in a SLEEP PARALYSIS loop. Every time I thought I woke up to normal reality those motherfuckers started showing up and distorting the world and shit. Very Scary O_O;

    Thanks for the insight into the Samhaine quote, I will continue to ponder this.. and thanks for all the recent podcast updates! I especially like the depressing ones with James Id! (^_^)/

    1. I wrote this post because after having personal communication with several people who I met through my stuff I learned that many of them have had "strange" experiences similar to my own- so seems like an odd coincidence or synchronicity...

      Glad you even like the depressing ones haha BAD NEWS though- Comcast banned Screamerclauz for 30 days because he went over his bandwidth cap so no podcasts for 30 days as they are on his site/server and he handles that part.

    2. as I read this a "trailer" played on tv for the new season of "Once upon a time..." . what a horrible pile of shit . and its one of the number one shows on television.

      I like being in your world. apart from their dumb world.
      poorly written. vapid. shit shows.
      no depth. no heart . just shit.

      give me marionettes and clowns, brutish secret agents, puppet boys and digital women, monsters and angels.

      puppets are controlled from below, marionettes are controlled from above
      the best part about this world is that WE get to decide which end we are on.

  2. See I like what you're saying, I like these words you speak I mean, normally this would get me really EXCITED! I would be really INTRIGUED and would want to see more of what you have to say!

    But come on MDOT

    50-70% of the time you act like "uh uh I dont give'a fuuckkk mayne, Holla holla" and I'm like pleeasseee, I knowyour little badassery world is just supposed to be SATIRE and a JOKE for fun but really? You act like thats who you are MOST of the time you show your face. Even with that first HSM trailer it was a big JOKE?! and not a funny one either, you really dis-serviced your own film in that way...

    Idk mayne you were fun back with wats but you also had a consistency to yourself, you seemed to have a deepness to you left unsaid.. but what am i to suspect now? The better you've gotten with your art, the more of a CLOWN you've let yourself become and have become more arrogant than you were prior. I kinda laughed when you flipped out on that movie reviewest some weeks ago. I guess the ants finally wrote hello and you were like HOW DARE YOU WRITE WORDS *stomps* Lolololo hahahah...hah. but mostly i was cringing cause Mdotstrange just made himself look like a child among his followers for losing his bummer.

    Idk man I love a lot of your work. You may claim i have a personal beef with you and you're kinda half right! My beef is you can't seem to decide if you're some "I dont give a fuq" guy or some artist who's actually trying to say something in the world? WHAT ARE YOU MAN?! Lol! I want to see your true colors. I want to see your full potential not held back by your silly "i dun giv a fuq" gansta act. That bullshit's so fake and YOU know it! What gives mayne?

    But why listen to me, I'm just a cowardly spambot after all.

    1. I can't help how people perceive me and if I am being authentic in the times I'm sharing my thoughts and experience its not my business to think about that- this blog and the work I share is a glimpse into the life of a single artist who is not perfect- I'm alive- I make mistakes - I learn from them-

      I understand you wanting me to go full force in a more progressive direction with my persona and my work which would be awesome BUT whatever behaviors or character flaws I have developed are the result of me fighting to continue doing the work like I do year after year... as long as I continue to do the work I want to do... and as long as my family and loved ones still support me and think I'm a pretty cool guy I'm not going to change a thing...

      I like creating rich and layered work like Heart String Marionette BUT I also like creating hella stupid rap songs and making Badassery... I enjoy speaking about deep meaningful things but I also like acting like an idiot...

      Perhaps its not that I can't decide what I am... as all this is what I am...

      Its like airy fairy ascended spiritual master so and so can go on and on about love and light and all this great meaningful stuff but when his bowels are full does that stuff just magically float away into a puff of fairy dust? NAH that muthafucker SHIT's like everybody else and the aroma of roses if nowhere to be found as he is a human being...

      I can pretend that I'm not a human being but I am- that's not to say a flawed human being cannot create beautiful or mystical works of art... we're just the messenger... a conduit... the mailman has to wear a uniform and act professional when he's on the job... but when he's off the job hopefully he's having fun too... because that's what I'm doing ^_^

      I think the goal of the artist is to be a force of nature- undefinable! How do you define the wind? Can you predict what it will do? Some times it is soft and gentle- other times its unbelievably savage and sends big rigs flying through the air and rips houses apart... LIGHTNING THUNDER RAIN FIRE!

      Dying without regrets is a goal of mine and I can honestly say at this time I have none- so if I have no regrets why should anyone have them for me?

    2. "I love you, and i which you were death...I hate you, and i wish you would acknowledge me, i just want to matter to someone, or to something, i just want to be remembered...!", That single scene of your movie made it worth it for me to watch it all, that scene made resonance to me. People who insult your persona or your art can eat a dick. You're a man of word, and people should understand you're no super hero, i sure did..., but i acknowledge what you do, i acknowledge your struggle, because of people like you and stories you make i'm still alive today, i still can feel a little light of hope inside of my heart, and i want to achieve that too, someday hopefully.

  3. Am i wrong in believing in the idea that the puppet who lost his strings in his chest and head at the beginning of HSM is meant to represent those who only think with their dicks?
    Or that the part where Wor makes a "toy", is meant to show how mistreating or... putting a child through hell... only causes the child to become a monster, speaking out against the mistreatment of children?

  4. I couldn't help but try to see a connection between the tarot card of the fool and the clown and main character in heart string marionette. I have to say, I'm stumped.


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