You can't fail if you don't try right?

Let's try to learn some lessons in life and art from the Lil Jon track "Bia Bia" this is deep stuff righ here mayNE ^_^

If your a filmmaker/animator person or tryna be one... or claim to be one...

Instead of going online and criticizing other people that are doing what you do or what you want to do ... instead of acting like a BIA BIA shouldn't you be working on your thing?

There's stuff I don't like online but I'm not wasting my time trying to hollar at those people... its just a form of procrastination.
Get em up -put em up- Stop actin a bitch and get yo hands up
If you know how to do it right and do it better- well then get to work and show us how its done. Get em up!
Represent yo shit!
If you have done it better then show us what you have done! Represent yo shit! Represent it!  Don't have anything to reP? Than you've got nothing to say, all your judgements are based on NOTHING- we're not going to listen-

You scared! Stop actin like a bitch you scared!
 Haven't made anything yet? BUT you know it all because when you do make that thing its going to be perfect right? It'll be so much better than the stuff you're criticizing right? YOU SCARED! You scared because you know you can't back up all the shit you talk.

So before you get all BIA BIA in my direction check yourself and go do your work so you've got something to represent- instead of pushing your insecurities, fears and ideals on me or anyone else get to the grind and create something- and don't be scared- or maybe you should? Because other people might criticize your work and yourself like you do to others?

I'm not reaching out across the internet to strangers to try and tell them what their doing wrong so I'm not scared to release my own stuff- see how that works?

I'm working hard to represent my shit- not acting like a lil bia bia towards others- cause in the long run the more you're tearing down others and their work- the more you're tearing down your own- I've got a lot of work so I can tear down a bit of my own and survive- if your just starting out or have yet to start you can't afford to tear anything down as you'll never create anything of your own-

BUT then you can still pretend that IF you made something it would be perfect right?

You can't fail if you don't try- but if you don't try you know yer a lil bia bia in your heart- and that can't feel good.


  1. Fo real. I used to browse various forums and stuff trying to "add to the community" but then realized I'm far better off just making stuff.

  2. Damn dawg, thats some harsh medicine but its got to be said!!! On the other hand people getting all worked up over your movies means they must really care about your stuff to be using up so much energy getting all angry and such ^_^

    p.s. the song in that last post got me spinning I M NIGHTMARE. I usually just listen to RETURN FROM HELLA NOWHERE but this album is FUCKIN TITE TOO!!!


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