Dolls without a voice

I collect odd dolls as well as Cicada skins. I had an uncle who drank a tea made up entirely of cicada skins... for good health. He's dead. Some cicada's spend YEARS under ground in their nymph phase... when they first burrowed under the ground it was probably soft soil... in the city when they come up years later they usually hit concrete and die searching for a way out of that darkness... a sad end to such a long hard struggle living in the dark. All they wanted to do was climb up in the tree's and make some noise.

When dolls are your actors you can find a new star in the gutter, in the middle of the street, or someone else can find them for you in a bookstore in Iceland. I'm always on the lookout for new dolls...

Self Portrait.


  1. I can tell a character was lovable when it feels like an over due site to see them again.. say hi to emm from us strangers ^ ^

    I thought it was interesting too..I used to also collect cicada shells !


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