M dot shows you how he lights a moody scene in Cinema 4d

I give a quick demo of my lighting workflow in Cinema 4d and discuss the how's and why's of my lighting choices.

I don't ever use GIobal illumination as I prefer to light scenes manually for both the speed of rendering and control which I have over the scenes.


  1. so many tutorials and podcasts *_*

    ..AND isn't the heart string marionette world premiere next month?!??

    do you perhaps have a date for this? Is it just one day?

    1. Yeh its playing here http://www.wfac.ca/programme/selected-films/heart-string-marionette/

      I won't be able to make it as my passport is in the process of renewal so I don't have one right now but Endika might be there- I'll post here as soon as I know

      I think its going to be playing in a few other countries soon as well... I da know haha- BUT I should post that shit on the blog eh?


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