Request a video tutorial from animated filmmaker M dot Strange

Since I started making little video tutorials again I'd like to try to answer the questions you have about 3d animated filmmaking. 

So if there's things you've seen in my work that you want to learn or if there's something that you're stuck on as you try to learn 3d animation/cg filmmaking post your questions in the comments as I'd like to try to help by making a video tutorial answering your question.

I use Cinema 4d 11.5, Zbrush 4, After Effects Cs6 and Premiere Pro Cs6 to do my work so if you have any questions specific to those applications fire away!

I'd like to provide answers to questions you can't find anywhere else- There's TONS of free tutorials about how to do basic things like modeling a character... So I'm not really interested in answering questions that you can find the answers too elsewhere. I want to provide answers you can't get anywhere else or that you can't get without spending tons of money.

I was inspired by this post I saw on CgSociety
Hey there, i want to attend some online courses around internet, for animation. Because i see is that is way to complicated to learn animation on my own, by crappy tutorials. I have so many questions and i am not sure what i know, is good or bad. For me, the best way to learn, to have mentor.
But these courses are way to expensive for me, i am not sure when i am going to save money for it, will takes me years to save some decent. I am unemployed and i live in shit country.
So I know I'm NOT like a heralded magical "Pixar Animator" or some shit but I do the style of animation I want to do and I get things done. So if anyone would like my help in the form of short video tutorials that answer your specific questions in these areas I'm here for you ^_^

If you've never seen any of my work poke around here

Doing animation and making your own original animated films is the greatest thing in the world to me and if I can help anyone else discover the joy that would make me ^_^


  1. I've really been appreciating the vein in the tutorials you've been doing recently.

    Something you're very good at is looking at tasks from a higher level, sure there's rigging tutorials out there which can show you how to rig a character, but you were one of the first to pose the question of re-using rigs, and with your recent talks about transferring poses between multiple characters, and just looking at speeding up the workflow, not redoing laborious tasks like creating hand controls or weights for every single character, or at least helping the cause of that, is stuff I'd personally like to see.

  2. I would really like a tutorial on topology and edge flow as it's one of the things that I'm having a hard time understanding it.

  3. I've been having a bitch of a time with clothes and dynamics. I have no idea how to batch-render without killing my memory - have to close the program and reopen before i render another shot? Stupid things like that, I end up looking for hours for a specific tutorial then end up having to discover what ends up being a simple solution on my own. I really loved your lighting tips video too. It's the little things nobody mentions.

  4. it may not be about 3d animation, but a tutorial on making music would be much apreciated. not really lyrical, but ambient mood building music and beats

  5. Had a AhA moment with the tutorial about MotionClips...thanks a lot. One of the ways to show appreciation for taking the time to anwser questions would be to show you the results from the tutorials .The other one (for those who can) would by to buy your art.

  6. I'd almost be as excited for almost more of a lesson than a tutorial. Like something over creating a mood or atmosphere, BUT as far as technical know-how goes.. Lighting tutorials are awesome and maybe even something on textures! maybe just how you do those things you know? I'm also just starting out on after effects but im sure there's ton of tutorials for basics so i wouldnt demand that of you


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