Sharing some workflow stuff for my new film

So my process is this- to make my new film a reality... this starts AFTER all concept art is done...

Character Phase

  1. Assemble/Model character bodies with Cinema 4d and Zbrush
  2. Texture Bodies in Bodypaint
  3. Model heads with Cinema 4d and Zbrush
  4. Texture heads with Bodypaint
  5. Rig/Skin character bodies
  6. Create all facial morphs and Rig/Skin character heads
  7. Create hand poses and copy to all characters
  8. Create body poses and copy to all characters
  9. Create special hand/body poses for non standard characters
Right now I'm at step 6 

Prop/Set/Environment Phase
  1. Create rough set layout with primitives
  2. Create major structures to populate sets (buildings, trees, landmarks, terrain)
  3. Texture Structures
  4. Create any special requirements from structures (scripting, dynamic sims etc)
  5. Populate/layout sets
  6. Create props to fill sets
  7. Texture props
  8. Populate sets with props
  9. Light sets
  10. Set render tests
I'm scheduled to start that process on November 1st

Once the sets are ready I'll do animation prep... ALL of my characters use the same base rig so I'm able to share poses and animation between them all using Cinema 4d's motion clips....

Animation Prep Phase
  1. Create character walk/run cycles
  2. Create special motions (Throw, fall, kick, punch etc)
  3. Create special fx (dynamics sims, fire, etc)
Once that is done I'm ready to go into production! Well this time I'm going to launch a kickstarter campaign for the film because I'd really like to be able to hire voice actors and get the voices recorded before I start animating for the best possible performance...

If you haven't seen my animated feature films you can get them here.


  1. Awesome, can't wait to find out where this is going! Would be interesting to have a little making of section, just like you shared your head creation workflow. I'm curious how you store/share poses throughput different characters in Cinema.

  2. Add a link to your films beneath these tutorial-like posts. It'll increase revenue!

  3. "because I'd really like to be able to hire voice actors and get the voices recorded before I start animating for the best possible performance..."

    so when do auditions start?, not for money or anything but cause i missed the boat last time around.

    p.s. johnny guitar's right

  4. I would also love to audition for voice acting.

    Looks like you're making hella fast progress, you never cease to amaze me :O

    Also, you might wanna check out "Stop Staring" which is a face modeling and rigging book by Jason Osipa... it's written with Maya examples, but the first half of the book is just general theory and facial expressions. The book does an awesome job of breaking down complex shapes into about 4 basic shapes, so you can work up from there. I found it to be super helpful in wrapping my head around morphs and face bones and stuff.

  5. Big thanks for sharing your pipeline... I'm having trouble with Motion clips, maybe you can explain us through a tutorial. If I want to make some modifications I can't go back, also If I want to add some small detail like a blink I'm stuck. It seems fine for a walk cycle but I can't be organized to do all of a movie with motion clips, maybe I'm missing something.


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