Some of my new facial animation workflow tools

Showing some stuff I'll be using to do lip sync and facial animation for the new film

I'm going to make the film with ol Cinema 4d R11.5 cause that's how I roll ^ ^


  1. Really cool, looks great in the video, wonder what changes/additions (if any) you'd make after the animation test as it looks pretty streamlined already. Love the whole adding in wav file aspects to it.

    I have this tutorial series from VertexPusher and he has a pretty cool solution for the auto blink too. Using a noise and compare node in xpresso pushing the morph so blinks are random and has a frequency of blinks value which is readily changeable. Let me know if you want to check that out as another option to try, I'll send you a project file.

  2. Oh, man, this is good. Thank you, M dot!


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