The Monsanto's of multimedia

Perhaps entertainment should provide "food for thought"? If it is what are you feeding your mind? What food are you creating for others to consume? Isn't it created with care? With a consideration for the well being of who will be consuming it?

If it's full of cliche's which I believe are mental shortcuts then you're making junk food, your making Taco Bell bean paste that doesn't contain any real beans, if your work is void of real life, real emotion, or real passion...  you are Monsanto.

Just as stores like Whole Food's caught on where consumers want natural, organic stuff...Because people came to desire real food made by real people that put real care into the production of the food and have made sure there's no toxins or artificial ingredients...

I believe entertainment consumption habits will shift in this direction as well in the future... The audience will get sick of the junk food as its not healthy for their mind... its empty calories... and will want some handmade organic multimedia that some person somewhere put some real care into... somebody somewhere that really cares about the well being of the people who might consume it.

Perhaps the "food for thought" will not have an expiration date because it doesn't contain current pop culture trends which spoil very fast.

As we learn more about the human mind.... and what is healthy or unhealthy for it...just like people begin to learn about what is good for their bodies... I think this shift will start to happen.

So you might eat only super healthy organic food to feed your body... but what kind of things are you feeding your mind? What kind of food are you putting out into the world?


  1. No intentions of parade raining Mdot, but this certainly is not going to be a near-future thing. Distant-future no doubt, i can see a Whole Food's for the 'entertainment' world happening.
    But i fear it'll get darkest before the dawn in this case.
    From what i've been seeing lately... the stories, acting, care, emotions, life.. they are either gone or faint. It feels like (with newer films and shows and whatnot) i keep getting spoon-fed shit i already know. And the more recent the film the bigger bites they keep feeding me.
    I know you realise this, too. But you gotta figure... This mind-numbing bullshit is what is HOTT right now, so what does that say about the majority of the viewers?
    It says they are happy with watching crap and have no desire to see anything other than crap. People like us (you, myself, anybody with a functioning brain) are rare.
    I hope i'm wrong, though. I hope this healthy mind diet starts to kick in soon.

    1. Well its me being hopeful of course- its something I think would be nice and would help people be healthier. Yeh well hopefully one day people will realize that stuff makes them sick and seek something else out.

    2. I think there are defiantly people who want something different. Whole foods is like the two screen theater that shows lower budget(3million$)/foreign flicks. Mdot you are the one eyed fruit vendor on the side of the highway. Your fruit is the juiciest in all the land but most will never know. :P

  2. I think this is already happening! Its just weird for movies. I see this as like people who are into the heavy metal underground, they reject modern plastic mtv sound and instead seek out bands from the 70's/80's that had a more organic sound and are inspired by them instead. The problem is how do you FIND the underground after rejecting the mainstream. In heavy metal 20/30 years ago I guess it would be like a fanzine. Nowadays probably internet research but better yet find interviews/sites with the older heavy metal guys in their 40's now, people like Fenriz who champion the underground sound and bands.

    With movies where would you go to find out about the underground? I still have no fucking idea. Where are all the cool underground movies I should be connecting with? Through the podcast I have found some really dope movies but other than that I don't see a place to find out about shit nor an important figure from the scene championing the underground movies. So if you want something different I guess you'd turn to either anime/videogames or if you want substance you would turn to OLD movies like bergman or fellini or werner herzog or whatever NOT indie movies. At least thats what I did.

    So overall, I think independent movie people might be kinda screwed. I wish there was more of a connected movie underground so I could see more cool shit. I think more people should band together like you and Jimmy and represent your shit and OTHER peoples stuff haha.

    btw you've been killing with these blogposts lately, so glad I stop by here (^_^)/

  3. Whole Foods isn't a healthy alternative, they sell GMO products and lie about it,

  4. I have a problem with alot of indie films. I like all kinds of movies so like fluff sometimes. I just wish there was more balance.

    Some of the indie films have low quality and are pretentious and usually something boring like a guy who loves making love to horses or some crap like that. Then the mainstreams movies that are afraid to get off the formula and end up getting more and more predictable and boring.

    I like my movies like I like my women. Superficially hot on the outside and cool, fun and beautiful on the inside with some brains in her head and not take herself to serious. I found that girl and married her and that is the type of films I look to find.

    What I've done for the most part is hit up Asian Cinema. Quirky, fun and beautiful. It fills my needs. I love when the most random things just happen.

    I love films like Trainman, Hula Girls, Electric Shadows but then get to some crazy films like Zebraman, 20th Century Boys and the Host. Then the utterly strange like Survive Style 5. With a dash of Stephen Chow. I like stuff like Departures, Thirst, and Long Road Home. Road to Dogmacagul was one of my favorites. The list goes on.

    I like how they take risks or just tell a story without having to verbally explain everything to you with unnecessary dialog.


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