Announcing the title and release date of my next animated feature film!

My next animated feature film will be titled "I am Nightmare"

Here's the lil logo for it...
Here is the vague synopsis: "When the dream of childhood is stolen... a nightmare is born. I AM NIGHTMARE"

If it is approved, the kickstarter campaign will launch soon and on that page you can see images of the characters and a little teaser video. Also my homie Screamerclauz is throwin up a little Facebook page for it as well.

I'm targeting XMAS 2013 as the release date.

This film is very different from the last as every character does not look terrifying haha- its a story about kids and many of the main characters are kids... there's one in particular that will allow me to play with the Emmm archetype again.

So this film is me making a kids film I guess? NOW some of you may be saying OH NO?! M dot's gone normal?! To those of you I ask to just have some faith ^_^

To grow and improve as an artist and storyteller I need to constantly seek out new ground and explore it... and I was so passionate about the story/message of this film I wrote the whole thing in three days.

Lately in my free time I've been playing old SNES games on an emulator- the things I grew up with. I've always loved the design and MAGIC of a lot of those old games like Link to the Past and Kirby's Super Star... I also love the work of Osamu Tezuka... so the vibe/design of this film is heavily inspired by  those old SNES games and the work of Tezuka.

More soon!


  1. To be honest this is really really more exciting then anything else you could do after hsm to me. With God Lives Underwater I was expecting like more of hsm really, I mean i knew it would be different but still in the same vein? The funny thing is I'm not trying to put that down I was totally excited for that! HSM is great and easily one of my favorite films like WATS was also, but instead of doing more of your same, you are going for a new direction which excites me even more! It's something unexpected and I look foward to seeing what M Dot Strange can do with it :)

    Lol I sound like I'm getting payed but tl;dr I really like your films and Im excited for this!

  2. Sounds awesome! ^_^ To see how hard you work is just inspiring; makes me want to get off my ass and make something awesome. Go M dot! Cheering you on dude!

  3. I see your films as different types of anime gone through the Mdot filter.
    (not saying you're a thief, just that you're not sticking to one genre which is awesome)
    But WATS gave me the feeling that anime's like FLCL and One Piece gave me. HSM has the same feeling for me that animes like Trigun and Cowboy Bebop kinda had.
    This new one makes me think of animes like Higurashi and Bleach.
    The first was intense/silly/colorful and fast. The second, darker, still a little silly, focused more on one character and slightly umm arousing i guess the word is.
    And I am Nightmare (from what my mind is forcing me to conclude) sounds like its focused on youth, may have humor, darkness, suspense, and so on.
    So i dont think you're "going normal", just see it as exploring who you are and what you're capable of doing. And if people dont like it... Who gives a tits? Variety is the spice of life.
    As i frequently say to those who judge "nothing is normal". No matter where you go with this, im positive i'll love it. Not because its an "M dot original!" but because i know you put everything into it.

  4. Wonderful! So looking forward to your next creation. Following model creation and a great tuts you've been creating. If I can help in any way, just let me know!

  5. This movie sounds fuckin awesome!!! and I read the tagline in HIM's voice ^_^

    I wonder if you have ever experienced the SNES game Earthbound? Its a story about kids but its very charming and strange.. weird cults, psychedelic coffee, psychic powers, evil aliens, robot time travel.. All the Mother games are great! I think you'd like em

    And +1 vote for People R Strange podcast. It sounds more like the old radio show with a buncha weirdos haha

  6. Respect for daring to trying something different. Will be very interesting to see how the "kids" part of things will fit in into the overarching theme you usually keep.

    Keep it real, and continue to produce material that you're passionate about. Sometimes the commercial side of things get in the way of creativity, and that's also one reason why you will always have our support as a creative movie producer.


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