Catch the Heart String Marionette real world premiere in Canada this month!

When it comes to film festivals I can't say enough about how awesome the Waterloo Festival for Animated film is!

My latest film Heart String Marionette will make its REAL WORLD premiere there on the weekend of November 16th 2012

It takes place every November and they showcase animated feature films ONLY! I was lucky enough to be able to attend in 2007 to show WE ARE THE STRANGE- here's a photo from Waterloo 2007
Festival founder and BOSSMAN Joseph Chen third from the left- Author and manga translator Frederik Schodt on the far right.

Here's the Heart String Marionette page on the festivals site- they should be announcing the schedule any day not but the whole festival takes place November 15-18th

If you're going to attend I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you stay for the entire fest and watch all the films- the year I went it was awesome because like all the attendee's went to every film- so you hung out with the same people and discussed all the films... it was a great experience!

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the festival but Heart String Marionette composer Endika will be in attendance along with Chazz Alley who played Soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet and a few other instruments for the films score...  so if you want to see the film on a BIG SCREEN and hang out with Endika and Chazz try to make it up there!

The festival's official hotel is also really great- its really old and they have a great buffet breakfast 0_0 Its a super cool old hotel with like real old fashioned metal keys?!?!

You may be asking yourself why can't M dot attend?!

There's a few reasons... 1) My passport is in the process of renewal and I won't receive the new one in time  2) My cat Boo who I've had for 14 years has kidney failure so to keep him alive I have to administer 200ml of subcutaneous fluids via iv every other day see...

So I can't go anywhere for longer than a day or he'll start dying without the fluids... the vet said he can live another 2-3 years with the fluids so yeh I CAN'T LEAVE MY HOMIE TO DIE!

3) I'm going into production on my next film in January so I'm busy working away on stuff for it till then

BUT regarding the film festival... if you're anywhere near the festival and you love animation you should be going up there every year!


  1. congrats on having an official premiere on HSM, being at the only festival you've enjoyed. Also sorry to hear about your cat

  2. congratulations, m dot. Wonderful that you are having a live premiere for HSM. Sure wish I could be there.


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