Cayenne Pepper and Cold Showers

Recently on the forever alone filmmaking podcast we talked a bit about health tips for artists. So as a start I wrote up this little article with some health tips from my own experience. I included links to related products from as that’s where I started buying them now as its usually much cheaper than retail stores in my area.

The most important thing to your overall health and well being is to make sure you have a strong immune system so most of the things I’m writing about here in this post relate to that. I got my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Nutrition so I’ve always been aware/interested in eating/living healthy.

Cayenne pepper- ever since I discovered it trying to get rid of an infection which it NUKED in a few days I’ve been drinking cayenne tea (cayenne powder in hot water) taking cayenne capsules (2 a day) and adding a half a teaspoon to a health drink I have every day- you can google it to read about all the great things it does for you- when you first start taking it you can literally feel it heat up your body! It increases circulation, fights infection, lowers LDL cholesterol- its great! I’ve been taking it for about a year now and I haven’t even been close to being sick, or having a cold or anything- YES it is HOT but I love spicy stuff ^_^ If it upsets your stomach or is too hot for you to ingest try getting some of the “cool cayenne” capsules that are made for sensitive stomachs

Raw crushed garlic- this is another great immune system booster and infection killer, make sure its raw and minced or crushed- YES it makes you smell like garlic but I’d rather be HEALTHY and smell like garlic, its better than the smell of obnoxious headache causing cologne or perfume to me anyway- I only use this stuff when I feel like I need it- if you feel like you might be susceptible to a cold or you want to get rid of an infection- BTW its great when added with Cranberry juice/Concentrate capsules when trying to get rid of a urinary tract infection

Cold Showers- were once used to cure depression, they increase circulation through your organs, and boost your immune system- you never really feel awake or alive until after you’ve taken a cold shower! You can take your usual warm shower then switch it to cold and finish off with 2-5 minutes of that- its also great for your skin! They do great things BUT most people aren’t going to take cold showers because they are very uncomfortable at first. My philosophy is this: I’d rather endure a little daily voluntary discomfort in exchange for getting sick later or having bad health in the long run that will cause me prolonged involuntary discomfort.

Psyllium husks- its not exciting or glamorous BUT most people need more fiber in their diet, if you routinely use psyllium husk powder you can make sure you get enough- mix a teaspoon daily or a few times a week into a full glass of water and make sure and drink enough water throughout the day/night when using psyllium!

Water- Well like DUH?! I myself NEVER drink soft drinks or even really juice or anything other drink besides water- and I drink at least 2 liters every day- think of it as oil for your body- if you don’t have enough things start to get fucked up 0_0 and make sure its CLEAN water... no fluoride, no chlorine, no heavy metals- look into bottled water BUT not all bottled water is created equal but yeh I’ve been SHOCKED to learn that some people never drink water or are disgusted by it “It doesn’t taste like anything!” those people are already dead if they will only eat things that “taste” good. EVERY DAY the first thing I do when I wake up is to drink 3 cups of water- I heard hydration described something like our body works through tons of tiny electrical charges... when you’re not properly hydrated you have weak charges- or the body cannot properly transmit the charges- so obviously you’d want to be properly hydrated and all charged up!

Fish Oil- Omega 3 fatty acids are the building blocks of your brain- fish oil contains a high amount of Omega 3’s- want a better working brain? Want to avoid dementia? 0_o Then start taking your fish oil! 

Oatmeal- I eat oatmeal everyday and I think its the perfect breakfast- its good for you, its cheap and its easy/quick to make. I add a scoop of whey protein to mine so that its got a good amount of protein, carbs and fiber

Green Tea- by drinking Japanese green tea all day you can be healthy and get yer weaboo points in ^_^ NOT all green tea’s are created equal as with all supplements and foodstuffs. I use the brand below. You can read about the health benefits for yourself- if your addicted to caffeine badly try replacing some of that coffee with green tea- 

M dot’s health drink: I take this every day about an hour after breakfast

2 teaspoons “Perfect food” , “Kyo Green” or similar green drink powder
1 tablespoon fish oil
1/2 teaspoon cayenne powder
1 teaspoon psyllium husk powder
8 ounces water

If you enjoyed this post and/or have related questions please ask them in the comments. I can also write a bit about quick/cheap workout regiments and what NOT to eat as well.

Remember your body is a vehicle for your consciousness- it needs high quality fuel and maintenance if you are to protect your greatest investment which is YOUR LIFE. I know here in the U.S. it seems people care about and are concerned more about what they put in their cars rather than in their bodies and that makes no sense to me 0_0 They'll put some fancy gas into their car then go eat junk food wtf?!


  1. Great post, M dot!
    What do you usually eat for the rest of the day?

  2. with the cayenne tea, is it just the pepper and water or do you add anything else to it? i love teas and finding out about new (to me) ones to try.

  3. Very interesting! Thanks! I might look into the things you mentioned here.
    I wonder if you will still be adding recipes at a later date or doing a podcast episode later.
    Also would love to see if you guys ever do one on sound effects or interview David Firth. Really loving the podcast, it is fantastic!

  4. From M dot Strange's latest book: "PEOPLE R STRANGE... AND UBER-HEALTHY: An Odd Cookbook for Strange Children". Thanks for the healthy tips dude. I've been sick for a few weeks now, so definitely going to try a few of these, especially the Official M dot Strange Health Tea. ^_^

  5. well i guess i understand why you posted it.. but it's like in a game :D ..some survival horror game

  6. A buncha these things I have tea and oatmeal for life. Last night I made myself some straight up cayenne tea, it was pretty damn good actually! I found a recipe online that calls for 1tbs of fresh ginger, two shakes of cayenne powder, and half a lemon of juice. Gonna try this version for sure.

    I also love pine needle tea. Gotta be careful when making this one because you don't want to accidentally get yew or something that's poisonous! I use fresh white pine needles, and steep them as a tea. Supposedly they have a lot more vit. C and A than citrus does.

    In college, I used to eat as cheap as possible, so that meant cheap carbs like potatoes, rice, and ramen, which are a bad idea. Not to say they're completely bad, but I ate way too much of them. I have found that carbs make me sluggish if I eat too many, so I generally stay away. I did love the ramen though, so I tried to find a way to make something like it. I discovered buckwheat soba noodles, which are really damn good, and full of protein. I would boil a pot of vegetables (kale, napa cabbage, bok choy, onions, mushrooms, seaweed) and put a little bit of soba in there, and then crack two eggs into it when it boiled to poach. I would eat that instead of ramen all the time. No salt, no MSG, just veggies, protein, and the right amount of carbs. To this day I still eat this for dinner most nights because it's fairly cheap and it's simple. Also, using a medium sized saucepan gives you right at about ~600 calories of food, so for an adult male, that's about 1/3 of the calories I should eat in a day to maintain weight.

    Good stuff, I can't wait for a health episode of the podcast.

  7. My current diet is this:
    Breakfast: Poptarts.
    Lunch: Hotpockets with lots of sweet tea.
    Dinner: Pizza or Fast food with lots of soda.

    I think I'm going to die soon. Thanks for the post M dot.


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