Help the smallest animated feature film studio in the world! Kickstarter launched!

If the kickstarter for my new animated feature film "I am Nightmare" succeeds the wheels on my micro studio will start spinning full speed! Faster then ever before! With professional voice actors!

Click the above image or this link to visit the Kickstarter page

Thank you all for your continued support and I hope to be able to bring the best film I can make to you by Xmas 2013.



  1. Hey M and fans! Let's #FundANightmare!!!

    I'm trying to start a frickin twitter hype to help our friend Mdot. This is my tweet:

    #FundANightmare: save your $ from NOT going to crappy h-wood flicks this month and fund new indy film by @mdotstrange:

    Easy right? Don't go to crappy Hollywood flicks and save the money you would've spend this month and give it to Mdot. I will give mine at the end of the month. Let's kick Hollywood in the balls (they got enough $$$ anyway!)

    So retweet me (@kinoglaz1924) or tweet your own message with the hash #FundANightmare to get some cash flowin!! :D


    1. Sounds like a great idea! Thanks Freddy!

  2. 'Imagine "The City of Lost Children" meets "Toy Story" inside of "Silent Hill".'

    :D :D :D Damn that sounds great.
    City of Lost Children is one of my all-time favorite movies.
    Best of luck with the funding Mdot!

    I'll make sure to pledge some to the best of my limited monetary capabilities. One of those times I wish I was rich.. :P
    It's a pretty ambitious goal I think in just one month, I hope you'll still make the movie even if the kickstarter doesn't take off? I mean, the people who pledged money could donate the pledged amount in this case which would still help, right?

    1. Oh yeh fure sure I'm going to make it no matter what! I'll just be able to make it better with that money and perhaps faster... and yeh thats a good idea- if the kickstarter goal is not reached I'll definitely let the people who pledged know that if they want to donate via paypal or something I'll give them the rewards they wanted when its done ^ ^

    2. Crap.. just noticed Kickstarter only accepts credit card payments >.<
      I do have paypal though so I'll go the donation route.

  3. Replies
    1. Sadly no.
      "We support most major credit cards, but we do not support payment with Paypal at this time."

  4. awesome sauce/
    would you be ok with me putting up an ad on deviantart for your campaign? i think a guaranteed 500 views from artists should help out.

    1. Fer sure! Please do whatever you want with it ^ ^ Thanks Tim!

  5. I put the word out ... expect something to happen.

  6. Buy HSM and kickstart for the next film sounds like a gr8 idea! Ill do my best to promote the kickstarter.

    What do you think of getting this on Vsauce. They would love something like this on there channel -One man army feature length animations! They have tons of obeying followers, if this got on there channel the followers would defo help out.

    Also promote and get people involved with HSM by helping to dub into different languages.
    Whats the best way to get this HSM dub trailer onto your channel?


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