Hot off the presses: Alternate cut of Heart String Marionette now available on DVD

This is a NEVER SEEN BEFORE 111 minute cut of Heart String Marionette... this is the ultimate auteur version! The UBERECTOR's cut in which I writer/director/animator/compositor/sound designer et etc also did a complete all original soundtrack!

Here's a sample from the soundtrack here...

I'll be posting a full official preview for this DVD as soon as the original version dvd is ready... I'm just making this available now to the hardcore peeps who visit this blog..

I'm selling them as cheap as I can whilst making $5 on each one so their $14.95 and you can buy them here

I'm going to release just barebones dvd's so there's nothing fancy about these... I hope to release "deluxe" versions sometime in 2014 after the next film is released so if you want HSM dvd's now this Uberectors cut and the soon to be released Original Cut are the things to get.

I think this version plays out more like a creepy anime... it focuses more on the creepiness of the world... so listen to the preview tracks by clicking on the bandcamp track above and if you like it grab the Uberectors cut dvd! There's also an additional scene not in the original version AND it has a different ending!

But yeah... I'll officially release this version and the original cut soon... but if you want to be an early strange adopter here it is ^_^


  1. Just ordered 2 (one will be a prize at the Machinima Expo festival next week!). Oh, I'm so glad you put this out, Md. Thanks for making this one available. Are you doing a Blu-ray?

  2. Soooo pumped. Mdot makes the best DVDs!

  3. I hope you enjoy getting like half of my paycheck m dot :P

  4. Crash. If you are that strapped then maybe DON'T buy it .. but certainly don't say shit that will make him feel bad for trying to make money on something he spent 4 years fkn making .

    and 15$ is not that much for a DVD so get over it.

  5. Is there any chance of a 2 pack of the 111 cut and the og cut?


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