New Screamerclauz short film "Affection"

My homie and fellow forever alone filmmaker Screamerclauz just released a new SUPER twisted dimensional tearing short film called "Affection" which you can watch here

Screamerclauz was recently banned from Vimeo which is total bullshit-

Vimeo may see the stuff he does as "porn" or something but its his art... so its lame to be banned/censored for that BUT once companies shift over to the PROFITS PROFITS PROFITS model its inevitable that they will start to suck and march out the PC patrol.

IMO more than half the shit on Vimeo is just CAMERA/TECH porn... OMG this was shot with a 9000Q DSLR with a 9000mm zoom lens blah blah...CHECK OUT MY TEST RENDER OF SHINY THINGS GUYS and their falling on the floor! Vimeo comment: THIS WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING I've EVER SEEN! So yeh a real muthafuckin filmmaker is banned from Vimeo but the Camera/cg porn continues.


  1. dude i share you exact thoughts about vimeo... finally someone else!! thx for the link, pretty sweeeet. a shame they did him like that O_o


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