Notes on the next film

  1. I'll be launching the kickstarter for the film on Monday
  2. One of the high priced rewards is that I will make a 3d character based on the person and the character will appear in the film BUT I'll also be launching a free contest where you can win the same thing ^ ^
  3. Since I've gotten a fair number of comments about how people loved HIM as a ranting bad guy, I recently rewrote the end of I am Nightmare to be... how can I say... more epic and e-vile with a climactic rant that HIM would be proud of ^_^
  4. This is the FIRST film of mine that will include DAYTIME scenes, did you notice that We are the Strange and Heart String Marionette take place in eternal night? I'm having a lot of fun with the warmer color palettes and putting my own spin on sunny/sunset looks has created some really beautiful stuff I must say ^_^
  5. I will be making the film with my trusty old Cinema 4d 11.5- its too bad they don't sell this version anymore- I like the layout/menu's so much better and it has everything I need to make my films with a few plugins- most notably- The Cactus Dan Bundle, DeGamma, All the C4d Jack Plugs, OLX, Zblur, xsTab, Xplode, Smart PRS, Gearbuilder- It would be nice to have Python and the new deformers which were added in R12/R13 but I can do without that stuff for now
  6. I didn't include buying a new PC in my kickstarter funding goal as I was trying to keep it as low as possible with things that are NEEDED not wanted BUT I'm dreaming/drooling over a new custom rig from Origin PC 0_0 maybe next film!

Not the fastest/most expensive rig you could buy now but for sort of affordable solo cg animation that rig would be my pick as of right now.

But yeah besides my current PC BSOD'ing randomly because of the new SSD I put in it- everything all good to go for the new film! Stay away from Corsair Force 3 GT drives as BOOT devices- I read the reviews after I just dropped cash on it at Fry's and didn't do any heavy work and notice the crashes till after the 30 day warranty was up 0_o but yeh I did put a new SSD in my kickstarter goal ^ ^

So I'll be doing set modeling/layout until January when I go into production ^_^


  1. looking forward to it dude. saving up for my computer and i'm gonna start making my film as soon as i get it.

  2. Just got through listening to the new podcast n I'm working on my forever alone film! I've actually had to restart it 7 times due to horrible luck, but I'm still going. Preproduction is just about nearing completion. I'm using Blender and sculptris for it, and I can answer some questions about blender, but I only know what I have used so far.


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