You can't win em all- but you've still got to try

Well it seems now as the Kickstarter campaign for I am Nightmare is halfway over yet its only %19 funded- that it is probably not going to succeed. If it works Kickstarter is a great thing for creative people doing things outside of the mainstream but even if it doesn't work for you- you shouldn't let that stop you.

On the contrary I've seen many animated SHORT films funded with budgets far higher than what I'm trying to raise on Kickstarter for my FEATURE yet the creators have lagged on getting the films made- which is hella WACK! Of course they all have great excuses I'm sure ^_^

Remember excuses don't matter- what matters is whether your film is finished or not- ALL that matters is what is on the screen- if its not on the screen it doesn't matter- excuses may help people sleep at night NOW but they will haunt you later....

Recently the LA based studio Blur raised over $400,000 to create an ANIMATIC for an animated feature film- an ANIMATIC that will take a year to create- then the people who funded the kickstarter will have to PAY AGAIN IF the film itself ever gets made as there's no guarantee that it will- they raised 400k to make an animatic that they could use to BEG Hollywood to fund the whole film- that's cool I guess? 0_0 Totally "indie" and "awesome" yeh- taking peoples money to beg Hollywood to make your film- Hollywood that drives the MAFIAA that's trying to destroy the internet! YAY!

Since I know that nothing will ever stop me from making films- and I know that my films will get better and better NO MATTER WHAT I would like to thank all the people who have pledged support towards the Kickstarter campaign- perhaps some of you are the few people in the world who truly believe in my films and I thank you for that as its invaluable to me.

At one point when I first started making crude animations there were two people in the world who were my "fans" ^_^ My niece and nephew who at the time were probably four and six years old were the only people in the world who were looking forward to seeing what I was creating- and that was enough for me.

I don't look at "fans" or whatever as demographics- as numbers or objects to accrue over time- I totally appreciate everyone who calls them self a "fan" of my work and I love reading the emails and messages I get from people BUT even if I had ZERO "fans" I would still do what I do.

If had no computers or software I'd go back to stop motion- if I couldn't do stop motion I'd make puppet films...

If I may quoteth the Hagakure
If one's sword is broken, he will strike with his hands. If his hands are cut off, he will press the enemy down with his shoulders. If his shoulders are cut away, he will bite through ten or fifteen enemy necks with his teeth.
We all have different battles to fight- mine just happens to be with animation... with film... the point is- once you find what your heart desires fight for it with all you have- and when that runs out- keep going!

I feel that an artists responsibility or contract lies with the invisible world that surrounds us all- an artists true passion is placed into our minds from an egregore in alignment with the artists true will- if you make a connection with that egregore it will speak through you and to you and it will keep doing for as long as you remain a conduit- if you are unable too it will simply move on to someone else- and you will lose your power- I still have that power and I want to keep it.

So again, Kickstarter is awesome if it works for you- if it does work it doesn't guarantee your success or even completion- if it doesn't work it doesn't mean your project is doomed- it just means that you have a chance to show the world what you're made of ^_^

So go ahead and watch me world- Kickstarter fails? Whatever- I'll still make an a dopE full length animated feature film by myself faster than ever before ^_^


  1. Why not do indiegogo and direct us all there. The money you do get you get to keep, regardless of goal or not. 2K could get you those voice actors you wanted to pay. Just a thought. :)

  2. i think it was just timing man. i would've given more if i could, but this time of the year im saving for holiday junk for mi familia.
    you know what i mean?

  3. Hey. I did tell you timing is everything.

    We have still got a week and a half left. Dont give up yet!

    Do you still want to go ahead with this dub or not?????
    Check out the video (i have changed it) it promotes the kickstarter and I have set up a facebook page as well.
    PLEAASE put a message on this blog. I need a hand like.

    IF the kickstarter is not successful ---- when you release Heart String Marionette to Youtube with all the dubs. Set up another kickstarter along side it. BOOM! Viral hit -BOOM - Kickstart + support the next one.

    There is only so much us fans can do. I send the kickstarter to normal friends, they couldnt give a shit.
    However if we get Vsauce to promotes this - then all there fans would obey like slaves and 100% would support it, coz HSM is up vsauce's alley. I have sent a few messages to vsauce but they are probably being swept under the rug from all the other hundreds of messages.
    If all your fans at once sent out messages to vsauce, HSM/kickstarter will get noticed. But time is running out. DAM IT you rushed out to quick!
    Also get ur ass on newgrounds, & send a message to Tom Fulp, he sure would put it on front page.

  4. I second the Indiegogo suggestion. And if KS doesn't work I'd like to send my donation to you anyway!

    And that Blur KS project just drove me crazy: so now Hollywood opportunists will start looking for no-strings-attached funding through KS? And Blur, with over 100 employees considers themselves "indie?". Bye bye Kickstarter.

  5. Do a AMA on reddit. You'll get thousands of new people to know about you over night.

  6. What is this ama of which you speak of?



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