Forever Alone Filmmaking podcast is SO ALONE+

Our obscure little animated feature filmmaking podcast got a little more obscure this week- as Jimmy Screamerclauz was banned from yet another social networking site for reasons unknown ^_^ This time he was banned from Facebook...

Jimmy was the creator of the podcast's facebook page and he maintained it-  since he was banned the podcast page no longer exists... I don't have a facebook account so I'm not sure if it can be salvaged...

So we'll have to find a new place that listeners can submit questions and suggestions... if you have any ideas please let me know in the comments...

In other news... I've made a bunch of songs for the I am Nightmare soundtrack and I rewrote the end a few weeks ago....all signs point to EPIC with a side of teary eyed ^_^

If you haven't seen the I AM NIGHTMARE pre-order and donation page they are at the top right of this blog...

There was a question about the pre-order price which is $25- I'm assuming people that will pre-order are already into my films- since the kickstarter campaign failed I wanted to give people the opportunity to still donate to the film- so I chose to do a pre-order + a donate page-

For an HD download, a soundtrack download, a coupon for %50 off the DVD and a hand made one of a kind piece of art from me I figure $25 is a fair price- and if people want to donate more than $25 they can do that with the donate page...

Several people have told me that they thought I undercharged for HSM+Soundtrack for $5- So I'm trying something different for the early supporters and ONLY they will get the hand drawn personalized postcard- that won't be available when the pre-order is over- Granted I am some unknown obscure filmmaker but what other animated feature film director/animator will mail you a personalized postcard this Xmas for $25 PLUS you automatically get his new movie + the soundtrack next Xmas! I think its pretty suite ^_^

THANK YOU to all the peeps who already pre-ordered/donated! Thank you for supporting my films and/or believing in me! I've been going through some real life bullshit recently and your support means a lot in times of WHATTHEFUCKAMIGOINGTODOWITHMYLIFE?!?! haha


  1. Wow, that's bloody mental.

    As for question options, maybe;

    1, A twitter hashtag (#fafp My Question).
    2, Revive the Tumblr
    3, A podcast email?

    Preordered yesterday, I'll replicate my Kickstarter pledge after the holidays ;) Good Luck man.

  2. It's hard to beat facebook for communities. You could find someone else to start up a new page and send shit along to you. I could help you out there maybe. It's probably not too much work. I have me skypez.
    By the way, got my preorder too. Your films are really worth it man. Damn sure life won't kill you :D

  3. I would do it .. i hit your page daily anyways .. wouldn't be a big deal ..
    hit me up if you are interested


  4. I'm a tumblr user, I could manage the old tumblr and email you or jimmy the questions n shet.

    If youre interested my email is

  5. Why did he get banned? The page was really clean and it's not even like he hosted his videos on there? How does this make sense?

  6. I thiiink a facebook page/group will remain if you have multiple admins and the creator gets banned, might be good to do that if you/someone makes another. I would be up for helping out with facebook business of any kind since i'm on there ALL THE TIME X__X

  7. Preordered!

    Dunno if Tony has been in touch/let you know about his crowdfunding scheme for postproduction of his/our new film 'Yvette Horizon'? Just launched, take a look. :)

  8. You DO have a FB page bro! I've been running it for you for over a year. Happy to move anything there you'd like or just give you the log in and you can set it up anyway you want. If others want to help out that's cool too!

    And very glad to donate to your cause. You are an inspiration to us, Mdot.

  9. I haven't been given a real reason why I was banned yet, facebook won't respond to any of my emails. If I try to login I get a message that says my account has been disabled due to harassment. But it turns out the same day everyone from Butchers Harem and their associate acts were deleted as well. They think it was some sort of "attack" by a rival label or some other shit. So I might have been included because I did that music video for them. I miss the days when rappers used to just shoot each other, now I just get digitally shot in facebook drive-bys!

    The Heart-String Marionette page I made is still up though: I made a couple of other people admins so much like Michael Douglas in Falling Down all the drive-by bullets missed it. Where The Dead Go To Die, Forever Alone, and ScreamerClauz (music) are gone forever though. I'll eventually make another account but I really don't feel like going through the process of re-adding everyone just yet. I'm giving them another week to see if I can get the old one back


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