Moon and Azure Shadow: Dark epic music from a talented young musician

A few weeks ago a reader of this very blog sent me a link to a musical album he had just finished- I listened to the previews on bandcamp it was EPIC so I bought it and started rockin it- then he hired me to do the art for the album and I did- you can buy the cd here with art by yer pal M dot Strange.

Sean Yoshioka is the super c00 d00d behind Moon and Azure Shadow- He wrote all the music, played all the instruments and recorded/mixed it all himself. His contact info can be found on the bandcamp page- if you enjoy his music I'm sure he'd love to hear from you- he's also looking for other artists to collaborate with so hit him up!

P.S. Sean was also the guy that translated the HSM subtitles into Japanese ^_^

I'd just like to say- Awesome work Sean! I'm looking forward to the things you create in the future ^_^


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  2. Excellent cover art! Checking out the music right now. Will pass this on to your FB site, Md.


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