Thanks to the readers of my blog!

The few... the strange... the people who read this blog ^_^

Sometimes I forget who I am and why I do what I do so I'd thank to thank you all for reminding me of why you started coming around here in the first place... 

I'd like to share a video Choo Bin Yong posted in the comments of the last post- as its very relevant to all of us who chase our dreams despite the fact that they make us broke for now ^_^

I made a new section of this site called "More Strange Creative People" in which I'd like to share YOUR projects with whomever visits this site- so if you have a project/site/video you'd like me to add to that page please email me your link/image(640 pixels wide)/or video link to and I'll add it to the page.

It's inspiring to see people out there doing their own original thing so if you feel like sharing your stuff send it to me!

I also added a little chat box to this site- you can find it on the bottom righthand corner- so maybe yall can make some strange friends around here ^_^


  1. Nice. It's always good to keep the memory of why one is doing things in the first place, and why get lost after such accomplishments? It's a nice reminder.

    heh, I actually thought about commenting here about the production company I'm in and the "amateur" works that have been done so far, but now is the best time I guess! lol
    If you wouldn't mind, dude, you could put up EverestPoint™ somewhere over there. This sounds like an interesting idea. I love to see others' work to be found here. It's good to find this blog, it's good to find you, man.

  2. Kinda feel like a butt for not replying as much as everyone else. We quiet weirdos need to work a little harder to maybe get a community together. But, thank YOU Mdot. If it weren't for you I wouldn't be working on my shit

  3. Awesome idea!

    It's a new blog i'm about to kick into gear. Right now it's pretty bare but it'll have reviews of fucked up weird animation and film, tips tricks and projects i'm working on and stuff like that. It should be fully operational before the new year. :D

  4. Just emailed something for the new section ^__^


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