The strange schedule

Before the year ends I'll be putting out HELLA BAD JOKE #3 and BADASSERY #9... I have ONE more set model to finish furnishing and then EVERYTHING for I AM NIGHTMARE will be ready to go for animation...

So two more HELLA STUPID shorts from me in the next two weeks ^_^ and then I'll start production on I AM NIGHTMARE early February most likely...

Also to those of you who pre-ordered I AM NIGHTMARE or donated to the production... I just got the blank postcards I need to draw on... so I'll start creating those and mailing them out soon ^_^

I've managed to streamline my SUPER FAST 3d production pipeline that I use for my raw short projects like Badassery, Darksided or these new Hella Bad Jokes... I can produce about 5 minutes of finished/composited/edited animation per day in that style using my lip sync tool and some other template based/procedural short cuts that I will be sharing in the coming year....

I'm excited to get back into serious 3d animation production with I AM NIGHTMARE... the comedy stuff is fun but since the animation style is so cheap I'm not actually keyframe animating much so there's no real challenge which isn't very fun for me... so yeh... can't wait to make beautiful, meaningful stuff again ^_^

I'm visiting family in Northern Cali right now- I took the train up here and outlined a new book/tutorial series on the train in which I want to teach my way of super fast 3d animation production and also teach/share my philosophies/methods behind my style of visual storytelling... I LOVE conceptual stuff about animation/filmmaking and I can't find much stimulating material so I'll have to make some...

I get a lot of enjoyment out of sharing techniques/philosophies when it comes to animation/film and the like... the podcast has been a great forum to discuss that stuff and I plan to go MORE in depth with my new book/tutorial series... because contrary to what a few people might believe my work is NOT random madness... I actually kinda know what I'm doing nowadays ^_^


  1. Went back to the WATS bonus dvd and saw you were using planes with animated textures instead of models in some scenes to speed up c4d. That helped with the big crowd scene I'm working on. Can't wait for a how-to series from you. I'm sure you've learned a lot more shortcuts.


  3. thought you might enjoy this quote, seems relevant since you are getting into it again ,,,

    "I've always made it a point, that the very first draft of the script, is the very first cut of the movie. And the final cut of the movie, is the last draft of the script. And this is the story that survived."

    ~Quentin Tarantino (on Howard Stern)

  4. An actual book explaining all your know-how? Sweetness.
    Even though you're fully in CG now, some of your tips n tricks still help me out at times with stop-motion, and other film related geekery in general.
    It'd be nice to have an actual manual to look into when im stuck or looking for an easier route.


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