A new cinematic journey begins!

Here's the first video in what I'm hoping will be a series that shows you the insides of my newest film I AM NIGHTMARE

As of right now I have all the main voices cast- my strategy was this- find one male and one female voice actor that can do a great range of characters from children to adults- with the ability to do the voices of children more important as most all of the characters are children...

So if it all works out the two main voice actors will do ten characters between them... and I'll have a few actors from HSM including Ricky Grove in a leading role to handle the rest of the parts.

One of the things I'm REALLY excited about is that this will be the first feature film of mine in which I'll be able to record the character voices BEFORE animation so I think my character animation will be better than ever as I'll do my best to make the lines really shine.

If you haven't pre-ordered yet- you don't want to miss out on your hand drawn postcard that I will mail to you! Here's a few of the ones I've finished so far that I'll be mailing out soon!

I'm going to go to a cafe and draw some more right now ^_^ Then I have to create the script sides for the voice actors and prepare their materials...

I'm going to be a lot more open with this production than I have been with past ones so if there's anything you'd like to know or see while I'm going through the process let me know!


  1. This is really brilliant stuff. I really appreciate that you're constantly changing things up, from the don't show everything approach in HSM and now the in-depth show and tells.

    Great to see it come together in front of our eyes!

    Your story hints are also getting me very excited, looking forward to more.

  2. Hell yus! Can't wait for this.

  3. Great idea for a series. Looking forward to learning more about your production methods, Md. Posted this to your FB page, too!

  4. Heck ya the patch is the Boat of Osiris an the Gateway of Set's inter-dimensional tunnel... rad

  5. I got the one on the top left!! wooot WOOOOOOT HEYOUUU

    thanks dude!!


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