Reframing the strange

As I'm building out the sets for I am Nightmare I'm re-using a lot of props and objects from Heart String Marionette... I'm treating all the good objects from my past projects like a part of my digital backlot...

I'm not trying to re-model the wheel ya know ^_^ So you strange super fans will see a lot of similar objects albeit with new meanings that hopefully make you go OMG WTF DOES IT MEAN?! My films are separate films BUT they are a part of one larger work...

I am Nightmare feels to me like one part We Are The Strange, one part Heart String Marionette and one part something new... It's sort of like M dot Strange reframed...

When I make a new film like this one I'm going to assume that the viewer hasn't seen anything else by me so this stuff is all new BUT to a long time fan I hope it will give them a new perspective on my past works...

Production has been pushed back a little as I'm still trying to lock in all the voice actors... I had to wait till there was enough funds in my paypal account to pay some voice actors and now THANKS to the awesome peoples that donated to I am Nightmare or pre-ordered it I have enough to pay three voice actors... I would have liked to have paid them at least $500 each but $300 each is all I can do right now... as an added incentive I'll make them affiliates with a %50 payout when the film is released...

All the characters and sets are finished but I'll use this extra time while I cast the film to tweak out the sets some more and polish the lighting setups and the like... I said I was going to keep it simple BUT I can't help but make stuff look as dope as can be so some of the sets got a bit heavyisH

Just saw this posted in the chatbox on dis site.... some HSM fanart by Trauma Tize- awesome stuff  ^_^ check her deviantart for more ^_^

I drop by the chatbox on the lower righthand side of this chat whenever I can... I've already talked to some c00 peeps on there ^_^ If you want to chat with some other strange peoples holler in that lil box!

I had collected a ton of fanart from We Are The Strange but I don't know where it is 0_o SOME DAY I'll make a fanart page here and post all the stuff ^_^ If you made some yourself post a link in the chatbox or send it to me and I'll post it here...

So yeh right now I'm shining up the sets for I am Nightmare while talking to a few prospective voice actors to get that settled- if you sent me some voice acting stuff imma check it right now as I've been behind on emails and stuff ^_^

I'll be switching the Heart String Marionette Directors Cut on youtube over to an unlisted video tomorrow so keep this link for your use or to share with whomever you like.

Aight I'm back to the 3d- I hope you can inch closer to living your dreams this year ^_^ They may not come true right away or even in a year or two..... or eight BUT as long as you're still moving towards them and your hope is alive that's what matters....


  1. I'm excited to find out who these "pRo" voice aktors might be, like Vegeta as Teehee??

    Also just listened to the podcast.. THIS is the song you need to listen to while cruising through hater comments

    So you think my film.. is full of cliches?


  2. Man, that fanart is amazing. Yer getting so much stuff done, I'm jelly. Skeleton jelly. I need to quit my day job and just crank on stuff forever and ever. /goes back to animatic while listening to Fuck Off and Die.

  3. thats nice and all but this is more my style

    Don't Forget.


  4. Thanks Mdot... Ur a gr8 inspiration.. I am looking to bite the bullet in the next 3-5 months and quit my day job and start indiegogo. Fuck it! Go for it now before your soul destroying day job kills you. HAHA

  5. came across this ... good promotion right before the projected release of IAN ... get some new fans ....


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