SuitE Samhaine Tsuke mannequin by Tim the Scarecrow

Here's is an art mannequin of Samhaine Tsuke- from my last film Heart String Marionette- it was created by artist Tim the Scarecrow

Tim is working on his own original animated film right now as well which I'll be doing some music for if he still needs ol M dot to make some music for him ^_^ You can learn more about his film in this video

Thanks Tim and I'm looking forward to seeing your film!


  1. thanks Mdot! i hope you like him. i was gonna send him to you, but then realized i dont have a mailing address for you.
    and it would be an honor to have your music in it.

  2. Tim - yr mannequin kicks ass!

    M dot - Hi d00d! I'll be donating to the 'Nightmare' fund as soon as I can manage. Moneyz R in short supply at the moment.



  3. Hell yus! You won't be disappointed with any soundtrack work Mdot puts out. Excellent composer! Great figure as well, Tim! Looking forward to checking out your movie.

  4. Awesome Samheine Mannequin!! mothafuckin subscribed.. this movie looks dope Tim!!!

    Also anybody watching the new Jojo's Bizarre Adventure? I haven't watched any new anime in a long time but this one is bawse ^_^


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