David Firth on the Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast!

We just recorded the latest episode of the Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast with special guest David Firth- creator of Salad Fingers, Spoilsbury Toast Boy, Burnt Face Man and many more

Download the episode mp3 here or Subscribe to the Podcast in itunes here

It was an honor to have David on the show, his amazing body of animated work has inspired me and has kept me in awe for a long time and I'm sure there's many others that feel the same way. So enjoy the interview and lets hope we can have him back on the show in the future!


  1. Aw that's so dope. David Firth is amazing, need to listen to this.

  2. yay new podcast =) i listen to these things over and over again for real

    BTW hows yr ear doing?

  3. Holy shit! That is so friggin awesome. I have loved the shit out of David Firth since I was a relatively small child.

  4. Hey Mdot, i dont do the whole facebook thing, so im gunna put my interview-an-animator suggestion here.
    Theres this guy on youtube called Lee Hardcastle. He does crazy awesome stop motion stuff.
    Heres his youtube link. http://www.youtube.com/user/leehardcastle?feature=g-user-u


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