Buy my films with BITCOIN ONLY from today on ^_^

Last night I bought my first Bitcoins from a guy I found on The seller was a super smart and interesting guy, two other buyers were there also- both really awesome people and now we're all going to meet up once a month a talk bitcoin and the like ^_^ The coins I bought have already earned me over $100 since I bought them last night 0_0

I had been using paypal to sell my films BUT they charge random high fee's, they took part in the Wikileaks blockade AND they are just another part of the big banking/fiat currency scam that has ruined the world. I don't want to be a part of that. I'd rather be a part of the revolution that is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is freedom- Bitcoin is awesome. So from today on you will only be able to buy my films with Bitcoin ^_^ I also added a Bitcoin donation button to the top right of this blog.

 HEART STRING MARIONETTE film digital download

My newest animated feature film!
122 minutes of dark animated epic-ness!

WE ARE THE STRANGE  1080p digital download

My first animated feature film
Never before available in 1080p!
-88 minutes- DRM free 1.7gb MP4 file

You will receive your download as soon as possible as I have to manually send one as the
service that handles the film downloads doesn't support bitcoin yet. Thank you.

Pre-order my next animated feature film "I AM NIGHTMARE"

The Pre-Order includes
  • HD download of the film
  • Original Soundtrack download
  • %50 off of the films DVD
  • A hand drawn postcard by the films creator M dot Strange
  • Exclusive behind the scenes updates- images, music, and animated clips

Pre-order now for $25
This special pre-order offer will expire when the film is released.

Get your one of a kind hand drawn postcard when you pre-order!

If anyone else wants to sell their stuff with bitcoin check out as that is what I am using in conjunction with to handle the downloads.


  1. Awuh man M Dot :( Not that I don't understand the value and idea behind Bitcoin, it is just not very accessible to the layman (I am a programmer but don't even want to bother with them).

    That said, supporting them is great but I think there should be other options. You probably have looked into them but is paypal really the only other viable alternative? What about google checkout, or amazon checkout etc. They might take fees but I don't think they are as bad as payal (which I agree sucks and should be avoided).

    Again, I don't know too much about online marketing but as it stands I will have to forego I Am Nightmare which is depressing as I have been buying/following your stuff since We Are The Strange.

    1. Thats a bummer to hear but hey I'll make an exception for you for sure! It will be available via paypal for you- yeh my download service DPD which is awesome doesn't support amazon or google checkout so its either paypal or these other credit card processors which I'm not down with. Thanks for sticking with me for so long! ^_^

    2. Haha thanks man! As soon as I get my shit together I am going to pre order so I can get a super cool M Dot pic.

  2. This really doesn't seem like a good idea to me AT ALL to be honest; in my experience it's hard enough to get people to buy DIY/underground art/music with something easy like paypal, or for that matter to even click a link to a web store rather than just comment 'OMG WEHRE CAN I BUY IT?' on a link to the web store labelled 'YOU CAN BUY IT HERE.' (-_-#)

    I can't think of a single one of the many animation/noise/film people I know on or offline who would even begin be able to (or more to the point to WANT make themselves able to) get into the whole Bitcoins thing. I think it would really limit your market to hardcore internet people and I think the overlap in the Venn diagram between them and 'people who will actually pay money for amazing weird films' is pretty tiny.* :-S I honestly think it would instantly turn off so many people who would otherwise be interested in your work.

    Bitcoins definitely seem like a cool and important thing and paypal etc are indeed super evil but I just think it would be more prudent to make it optional for the time being at least.

    *I am definitely IN that intersection but even I haven't really felt like getting into bitcoins yet!!! and just now by way of experiment I clicked your link and got a boring looking page listing red price numbers with columns labelled things like "Price/BTC" and "Limits" which I have no idea what they mean, and saying "Location : Bromley, United Kingdom" which is not where I am in London at all!! Seriously it's offputting enough for people entering credit card details and having to pointlessly register a username and password to checkout on a normal store page; this feels like you might as well just say DO NOT BUY MY FILMS PLEASE to the average person. :(

  3. Furthermore if one clicks the 'Order Now' button it looks fairly straightforward but none of the various options for paying actually mean or do anything unless you already have whatever bitcoins account/software/???? and there's no link to any information on how to actually get bitcoins. I mean I would just google it but it would be ultra offputting to the random casual internet user interested in buying your work. :S

    1. I just googled it. :)

      Soooooo the hypothetical casual internet user who is interested in your films but doesn't know about bitcoins googles "bitcoins", gets the first result "", ok so clicks "Learn more about bitcoin". Gets page beginning with "Bitcoin is one of the first implementations of a concept called crypto-currency, which was first described in 1998 by Wei Dai on the cypherpunks mailing list"...


    2. haha yeh you're probably right Tim- I probably got a bit ahead of myself so I'll make other options that are more accessible- I did it when I first woke up and was all OMG bitcoin haha

    3. ^__^; I'm a bit OMG bitcoin now too after reading about it but yeaaah I think at this point there really aren't enough people using it to go exclusively bitcoin to say the least.

      On the upside now you could sell your films on Silk Road alongside all the esoteric hallucinogens etc :D

    4. Silk road thats a good idea- a digital hallucinogen! Yeh bitcoin is like this anarchist hacker currency to change the world so I'm excited about it- the guy I bought them from had a bitcoin credit card 0_0 My inner geek was envious- so it looks and acts like a VISA but its paid with a bitcoin balance

    5. :)

      There's DEFINITELY some promotional/hype possibilities from using Bitcoin anyway... boingboing or other internetty blogs/news sites might be interested in this as maybe/presumably (i haven't researched it!) the first self-released animated feature which can be bought with bitcoins? :)

    6. I've got a bitcoin wallet now but not done anything with it yet :)
      Reading up about it a lot more, now I'm more like "LOL Bitcoin" than "OMG Bitcoin" :) Anyway it's definitely interesting stuff.

  4. Listen, paypal may stink, but I really think you should leave it as an option. A lot of people use it... so don't risk financial loss by being political; wait for that till the day you have a LARGE audience and can afford to lose some of it.

    Your pal Freddy


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