Here's to "constructive criticism"! ^_^

If David Lynch offered me some advice I would listen-
If Stanley Kubrick gave me some some constructive criticism I would listen-
If Osamu Tezuka offered me some advice I would listen-

Random people who DO NOT create work I admire offer me their unsolicited "constructive criticism" from time to time and I never listen- become great first and then I will pay attention to what you have to say- until then your words mean NOTHING but the blithering's of the status quo- fuck the status quo.

I've NEVER done what other people thought I should do- I NEVER listened to unsolicited advice or criticism- If I did- I never would have had my own style and I would have never even made We Are The Strange- as I received advice against both of those things from "professionals"

If I would have never done those things- I wouldn't be working on my third film- I wouldn't have traveled to over 30 countries for my films and I wouldn't have met all the awesome peopleS I have through my films ^_^ I wouldn't be having the awesome time that I am now!

Be wary of even opening the door and giving people a chance to offer you advice or criticism- if they do- simply nod your head and humor them but in your mind hold that image of Siouxsie at the beginning of this post ^_^

Life is to short to let someone else try to live their own life through you as that's what they are trying to do a lot of the time.

Most people assume winning = being rich and famous and accepted by the masses

I'm playing an altogether different game- and in it I'm already winning ^_^


  1. Hypothetical question, since I'm legitimately curious as to your opinion on the matter, if Stanley Kubrick or David Lynch had given you advice that would lead you down a vastly different path than you have gone, would you take it, out continue on unhindered?

    1. Well I would listen- but I didn't say I would heed their advice haha

  2. Ya im hard enough on myself, I dont need criticism on the art I create an its a bonus if others like it.

  3. at first only the pic of siouxsie loaded.
    so I saw, "heres to constructive criticism" then just that.
    twas great

  4. Advice from a great man; William Blake:
    'Never did the eagle lose so much time as when he deigned to learn from the crow.'
    (Proverbs from Hell)

    Love your work M dot Strange.

  5. Good animation, bad animation? should keep an open eye to other cultures, first prize at Annecy festival (the biggest) was a romanian film made by a team of 10, for 9 months with a budget smaller than a short.


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