I AM NIGHTMARE Production Diary #9

Production is still going smoothly- I'll be animating full time for the next three days then I'll take about a week aside to create a new animated music video from scratch for Rabbit Junk- its an epic track so I really have to do something awesome for it- I use music videos to test new styles and techniques so I'll be sure to try some new things when I get to making the video this coming week.

Teenee eats a sammich in front of his friends
I'm animating pages 12-24 of the script this month which is 136 shots- It's the second sequence out of the films nine and I will complete it this month-

I'll be sending out the rough cut of the films first 17 minutes to the voice actors some time next week- I've added my friend and fellow filmmaker Jimmy Screamerclauz to the cast as the voice of the films monsters btw-

Speaking of Screamerclauz- that crazy guy and myself will be attending and showing our last feature films at the Victoria Independent Film Festival on April 4th in Victoria, Texas

If you're anywhere near there come out and watch the films and meet Jimmy Screamerclauz and myself-  come out and see our films on a screen bigger then your laptop! AND if you're interested in Reptilian humanoids and demonic possession you couldn't find two better  guys to talk to about it ^_^

Bog is not very motivated by this motivational image 
Once I get back from Texas- I'll be animating Sequence 3 in April- and then I'll be going to Iceland where I'll animate the beginning of Sequence 4 also in April/May- I won't try to do production animation on a laptop again- tried that on HSM and it was way too frustrating as I'm used to dual monitors and good gfx performance.

Thankfully I have access to a decent PC with dual monitors to work on there- HEY it might be one of my render nodes that some how made its way over there?! ^_^ I'm going to grab another one of those $89 Asus gfx cards to use on that PC as it has my old 8800GT card in it which won't even play my character rig back at 24fps 0_0

RUN from some un-textured non final rendered thing!

I feel like I've learned so much in the past few years its made creating this film really fun and easy and I HOPE TO be able to create some thing to share the way with you- I outlined this whole new tutorial series but that is on hold as I use an older version of Cinema 4d- version 11.5 which is no longer available- IF I create tutorials I'll have to use a newer version like R14- unfortunately changes were made in version R13 which broke my workflow so I can't do fast or fun work in the new versions-  and again if I made tutorials I've have to use the new version.

My major problem comes with the overhaul of the Visual Selector which was done in R13- I've tried but I can't work nearly as fast or as smooth with the new one- its throws salt in my game- it totally ruins the fast and efficient way I've come to work-

So I want to share the way I'm doing these things BUT I can't do it with old software that isn't available anymore can I? I want to share project files BUT they would be incompatible with new versions so yeah it sucks.

I have several other film projects waiting to start once I finish I AM NIGHTMARE but I'll do my best in creating/sharing something big in hopes of helping others make their films in Cinema 4d.

On a random note- I have a live action horror script I wrote last year "in development" 0_0 I'm not even lying- I'm not going to direct it or anything I just wanted to try writing a script to sell- I don't have first hand contact with the producer but apparently its going to be made this summer. I'll post here when I know more about it- but I'm writing another live action horror film to try and get produced as well.

I also have an animated Sci Fi feature script sitting around- no one will probably want to produce that- as Sci-fi isn't as marketable as horror or romantic comedies apparently 0_o 

I want to try something new with that- I want to produce the first 12 minutes of it as a pilot and use Kickstarter to fund the feature AND its not something I'm really interested in animating- I would just want to act as director- I'll animate the pilot if I have too BUT I'd really like to start working on side projects as a director and let pure animators go nuts with the animation- its also in a realistic style that I don't do- so if you're some dope 3d animator and you want to work with me on a 12 minute animated sci-fi pilot holler at me!

I'll do a formal introduction and call for crew on that project later in the year- right now I've got I AM NIGHTMARE to handle.


  1. But I have 11.5 ^.^ And I think most people would just want to see how you work normally and apply it to whatever software they're using anyways like with DAWs.. so fuck XIII >:3

    … Very jealous of all the peeps in Texas >_<

  2. I've been diggin all these last few posts. By the way and this is for any of your fans. I voted for you and entered you on cartoonbrew's story submission.


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