My favorite classic anime films free on youtube

I was pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of my favorite old anime films in their entirety on youtube- if you're into darker animation and you haven't seen these- check em out!

Demon City Shinjuku- I used to own the on DVD ^_^ Based on a book written by the guy who writes Vampire Hunter D and directed by the guy who directed Ninja Scroll

Wicked City- I think this film had some of the first tentacle sex strangeness + an homage to The Thing with the final monster in the end ^_^

Jin Roh- I was lucky enough to see this one on film in a cinema

Vampire Hunter D- the old school classic ^_^ D's voice isn't like D's voice in the English Dub but its still cool shit! One of the first anime films I ever saw

Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust- I saw this in a cinema near UCLA on the last day it was being screening, at the last screening and I took the last bus there- seeing this film in the cinema changed my life and made me want to make animated films

Fist of the North Star- the original super buffed ridiculous badass ultra-violent anime

Darkside Blues- this one is very dark and trippy and awesome ^_^

Akira- if you call yourself an animator or fan of animation and haven't seen Akira- you better akS somebody!

The World's Strongest- If you've never seen any Dragon Ball Z this movie is a good introduction

There's a few other classic anime titles that I love in Ninja Scroll and Bio Hunter but I couldn't find those on youtube.


  1. Try ! It's a really cool site that sort of presents movies that are on youtube.


  2. bleh akira ... I still cannot watch this without the original english dub.

    1. Indeed. I remember back in the day when VHS of the BBC subtitled version only screened once on BBC2 was like gold dust here in the UK :D

  3. have you ever scene the movie tekkonkinkreet? its a personal fav of mine, if ppl like akira or peprika they'll like this, it used to be free on youtube but i don;t know if it still is at any rate heres a veoh link

    also where can i ask podcast questions for the fafp? still here or is there special place for questions now? and jimmy screamerclauz tell us how victor's doc is coming along

  4. Between this and all the suggestions from the podcast, I've got my movie watching work cut out for me. Hard.


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