Things are progressing nicely with the new film+

I've animated 20 shots a day for the past three days for the new film- two more days and I finish the first of the films nine sequences- which is about 15 minutes of animation and 200 shots- I'm editing it as I animate it so the plan is to have a locked edit on the sequence before I move on to the next- I gave myself a month for each sequence but I'm going to finish this months sequence way ahead of time which gives me time for....


I'll be animating a music video for new Rabbit Junk song starting on the 25th of this month- It will be finished on April 1st- the song sounds like it has big crowds of psycho people and much destruction- so I'll be creating that AND I'll be bringing back the rabbit characters I made for the last RJ video I did- so once this month is over I'll have done about 20 minutes of new animation-

Then on April 3rd I'll be going over to Victoria, Texas for a film festival type thing- so that'll be five days off of animating-

Once I get back from that I'll get to work on the films second sequence- well actually I'll probably start that this month before the music video as I only need two more days to finish off sequence 1 and its only the 15th-

I never thought I would be this comfortable animating in 3d if I were to look back at my start with character animation wherein I had NO IDEA wtf I was doing and I just hoped the rigs wouldn't break or do anything I didn't understand SO if you don't know wtf you're doing today- don't worry ^_^ Just keep banging away at it and studying the art and craft as much as you can and more importantly DO MORE OF IT!

A lot of the speed and confidence I have gained when animating in 3d came from me doing my st00pid series Badassery- I learned so many tricks including my auto lipsync setup and so many other things from animating those ridiculous episodes- so like with anything else you only get better by doing it-

You don't become a better dancer by thinking about it really hard or reading books about it or by watching other people dancing- you get up and dance and dance- no matter how clumsy and stupid you might feel thats the only way to learn-

So if you want to make films or learn 3d animation you've got to make films and animate- more and more!

Something I've seen with a lot of people who "want" to make films but don't- is that they think too hard about making their first one- don't think- do it as soon as possible- get it out of your system- if your first film is as awesome and 2001 thats amazing BUT it's probably not going to be so just do it- get it out of the way-

Since I feel like I discovered some secret to making cg animated films quickly and easily I'm working on some things to share it with others- I have a deadline on my calendar at the end of this month for that too- hope I can do it all!


  1. wow I think you channeled the Spirit of Bruce Lee for this entry, Awesome.

  2. Thats flippen sweet man. hope the second sequence goes as smoothly for you aswell.


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