I AM NIGHTMARE Production Diary #10

I just finished animating the second sequence of the films nine- the sequence was 137 shots
Shot files produced in the past two weeks

The 136 shots equal about 10 minutes of screen time
Rough cut timeline- about 10 minutes of screen time

So when you add what I just finished to the films first sequence that I finished earlier this month I've produced 27 minutes of completed/edited animation from this month alone 0_0

At this rate I'll finish the whole film in 3 more months- BUT the films ninth and final sequence is more complex than the entire film before it so I'm going to dedicate 1-2 months for that final sequence- but I have moved up my new target release date to late October

I could have done MORE this month but I took five days off of I AM NIGHTMARE to do an animated music video for Rabbit Junk which they'll release on the 5th 

As fast as I'm going the shots that take the longest to animate are ones like the above with multiple characters talking and interacting which this film has a lot of- it takes long enough to animate one character when their talking and miming etc- so shots like this take the longest BUT if their done well they help flesh out the characters a lot as you learn a lot about them watching them react to the other characters

A few months ago I was contacted by an old friend who used to act in my crazy live action films I was doing 2001-2003 It's the guy playing the crazy annoying Brandon guy in this 

We hadn't talked in maybe ten years? He found my site and contacted me through it- he was away from doing any acting for about ten years AND he was taking classes to do voice acting- there was one open role in I AM NIGHTMARE that I was going to do it myself but I thought it was meant to be that he contacted me so I gave him the role and he ended up nailing it and doing an awesome job- So I'm glad to have my friend Damon back on the strange team- well he was on the team before I was "M dot Strange" as I was just SomeGuy ^_^

Speaking of voice acting- the voice actors are killin it! When ever I'm going through and editing their takes I'm smiling and laughing as they have done such a great job!

The music created my Mad Dashiell and myself fit the film perfectly! We've made some new tracks since I made the soundtrack available to pre-order customers- so I'll be sure to update it to the final version when the film is done.

I'm off to the Victoria Independent Film Festival on Wednesday to show Heart String Marionette and watch a few films.

So watch out for the new Rabbit Junk video this Friday the 5th-  the song is boss and the video is pretty fucking crazy I must say- its easily the best music video I have done- I spent 5 days on it and I'm really happy with the finished video as it captures the energy and violence I wanted to express ^_^

I want to do a nice making-of for the video- I was working so fast I didn't have a chance to screen capture any of the animation I was doing as I was doing it- but after the video is released I'll do a blog post about it sharing some techniques and the like.

Thanks for the recent I AM NIGHTMARE pre-orders! I'm going to draw and mail out your postcards tomorrow as I have a free day before I leave for the film festival.


  1. Man, you are on FIYAH. Awesome that you have one of your old short film club dudes back in action. Good luck at the festival and keep banging out that animation. Can't wait to see the RJ vid.


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