I AM NIGHTMARE Production Diary #12

I just finished animating the third sequence of the films nine sequences- this sequence was 177 shots and I completed it in about 12 days for an average of about 15 shots animated per day

So now the rough cut of the film with these three finished sequences is about 45 minutes long

I was animating live on ustream for the past week- thanks to Jemilla, Dash, Dave and the few other peeps who stopped by to see what I was doing.

The last thing I animated was this scene with the town drunk named Flan- it was fun to do as the voice actor does a hilarious and awesome job so I was laughing the whole time ^_^ I was laughing but its a pretty dark and creepy scene

I'll be in Iceland for two weeks come tomorrow- so I won't be animating the film live on ustream for another two weeks- follow me on twitter @mdotstrange as that's where I post the ustream links when I'm working on there

So yeh just moving forward on the film enjoying the animation/filmmaking process! I really think yall are going to love these characters! The voice actors really did a great job making them come to life- as I'm animating I'm just trying to bring out the life they've created with their voices

So this is the first time I recorded all the final voice actors ahead of time- so this is my first acting centered film- I'm not trying to wow with style or cool looking shit- I'm just trying to tell my story and have my little actors performances take center stage-

I'm really excited about the results and I think this will be a big step forward for me as a storyteller and a filmmaker- I think it will also open up my world to a lot of people who wouldn't step into my previous more esoteric films out of fear of WTF is this shit-ness ^_^

So yeh I'm just backing up files so I can go kick it in Iceland for two weeks with my lovely assistant/girlfriend Rakel ^_^ She actually modeled a fair bit of the props in I AM NIGHTMARE- the bottles and stacks of sandwiches and stuff on the above images were modelled by her.

So production will be on hold for two weeks- then by the end of May the film will be at or past the one hour mark ^_^


  1. Love the broadcasts, man. It was awesome filling my face with mild spoilers and getting to hear some of the amazing voice acting :)

    I got the email you sent and just had a little play around with them ^_^ Thanks so much! I'll hold some more C4D Parkinson's dance parties tonight/tomorrow when I finally stop being a lazy shit and finish this gawd damn comic page.

    Thanks again. Have fun in Iceland and say hi to Rakel for me!

  2. I'm just now starting topology stuff on my characters...you amaze me d00d. Also I was listening to the latest podcast with Teru-chan, that dude is also an inspiration of mine as well, it was so cool getting to hear him on the podcast. I think you guys have the right idea of building a library of content, it's motivated me a lot to possibly just do a short 5 minute each episode type thing. It's awesome cause I can use a bunch of props and junk from my movie for the short also, and it's so much simpler than the actual film. I'm glad to see that you're also updating your blog and stuff at a regular pace, it's super inspiring. Keep it up man, can't wait :O

  3. M Dot PLEASE talk about how the Texas screening went with Jimmy in the next podcast (of your movies)
    what were the crowd reactions
    tell us EVERYTHING about the event!!!!!!!! Go into DETAIL

  4. Yeah I'd be interested in that too, I'd also love to know something else, in relation to the previous episode actually. So for say, those training materials (because I'm going to do the same thing for 3dsmax users) that you guys make and sell, do you have to be careful how you do that and what you say? I'm assuming Maxon doesn't mind because it would drive more users to C4D, but are there any contracts to sign, permissions to get, those kinds of things? Can you share any EXP on the subject?


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