Redefine your limits

You truly don't know what your capable of until you go all out and push your limits.

The limits and boundaries you have built for yourself are only theoretical until you have REALLY given %100 effort for a prolonged period.

The limits or boundaries you have accepted may have come from other people...

Recently I received a comment online that I was making my new film too fast! haha

Pushing the boundaries may make other people uncomfortable- but thats not your problem.

Pushing the boundaries may make whole groups or organizations uncomfortable to the point where they pretend you and your work don't exist- thats not your problem either.

When I see great work it shakes me up- it makes me feel inadequate and drives me to work harder and improve- if we never admit other things exist that are beyond us- we'll never have to drive to push our limits.

The more you know, the less you know- the more you want to learn and improve.

When it comes to film/art/animation- humans as a whole are fucking weak, lazy, and mediocre- we pat ourselves on the back for minor achievements than pretend like we changed the world by producing derivative work that will be forgotten in twenty years time.

Instead of just doing enough to appease your peers who have settled on mediocrity go further!

Instead of just doing enough to get your head patted by the film/animation/art establishments go further!

You are capable of MORE than you think you are! You can do amazing things if you leave the possibility open and aim for targets no one else can see -and work harder than you've ever worked before- for longer than you have ever worked before.

Humans as a whole are a sleeping giant- we are capable of SO MUCH MORE yet we have accepted the limits the status quo has given us- we have accepted the trinkets it offers us in exchange for our true potential.

Take your potential back! Redefine your limits by pushing the boundaries and you will be shocked at what you're able to do! Your dreams might even come true ^_^

NEVER accept the limits or boundaries placed on you by other people NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE. If you can imagine it and create a plan to accomplish it YOU CAN DO IT.

You can do that and MORE!


  1. And thus my motivation was reactivated.
    Also, yus! Just saw the new podcast that's been hiding >:B


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