Watch me work on I AM NIGHTMARE live!

As an experiment I'm going to be streaming my desktop as I animate I AM NIGHTMARE for the next week or so- you can watch it here on Ustream

I HIGHLY recommend you install ADBLOCK for your browser or else Ustream is annoying with all the ad's

I can't guarantee how entertaining/educational it will be- just trying new things.

In the future I plan to do live Q&A's where I'll turn my mic on and answer your live questions about all things cg filmmaking and M dot Strange.


  1. This is a unique, and excellent idea, Sorry I missed the show. You should do it more often.

  2. This is defiantly the smartest way to keep yourself on task. You wouldn't want people getting screenshots of you on you're email or looking at pictures of cats.

  3. Is there any ideia of at which hour will happen?

  4. seems to be happening on and off ... he is working off 3 screens and upstream can only handle one , so it is hit and miss. Very cool when you get lucky though ..... I can see how much care M really does really put into each shot.

    hang in there ! you'll catch him !

  5. Hum... I see it starts here around midnight


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