I AM NIGHTMARE Production Diary # 13

So this month has a relatively low quota of 10 shots a day- I've been keeping up with the quota and things have been going reasonably well- I'm coming up to the halfway point of the film and its still on target to be completed by the end of October 2013

I'm going to have to figure out how I'm going to render the film very soon as I'd like to release a teaser trailer by the end of June OR I could cut the trailer together using the temp renders then once the trailer is edited I could just render the shots in the trailer? NOW that seems like a good idea ^_^

As I edit the film- I use the music that MadDashiell or myself have already created for the soundtrack or I'll whip up some new music on the spot if nothing seems to fit

Since I'm going to be able to complete this whole film in one year total- I have to start planning my next one- my goal is to make an entirely new animated feature film every year- I have a couple feature scripts lying around that I wrote but I'm not sure if I'm going to do one of those or something new- on my recent flight back from Iceland I outlined two different animated feature ideas AND I reworked a script I had already written entitled "God Lives Underwater"

So I going to have to have to choose one pretty soon and get to pre-production work on it- I've always admired how Osamu Tezuka used his characters like Astroboy as actors in his films- if I am Nightmare and its characters are well received I'm thinking of using some of the characters as actors in my next film-

So for the next film I have to choose between one of these

God Lives Underwater- my own retelling of the popular "good vs. evil" myth popularized by the Bible
Darksided- A full length film based on my Darksided animated shorts (goal would be to create the most nightmarish animated feature film ever)
(Title withheld)- a story/film I've been building on since 2007, its my "post apocalyptic" film which I look at like my magnum opus- I've been afraid to start on it because I don't think I'm good enough at 3d to do it yet
(Untitled monster samurai film)- another idea I've been throwing around for a few years now but I haven't found the narrative hooks to make it really strong in my mind yet- just have character/settings and the basic narrative BUT I haven't discovered the hooks, the really powerful twists or story elements that make me want to make it a reality just yet

So yeh I'm just grinding away on I AM NIGHTMARE whilst pushing forward on the next project


  1. God Lives Underwater- sounds grand, but I know youll do a good job with a Samurai flick. Its a really cool idea to reuse your guys as actors also. Very cool stuff

  2. God Lives Underwater really draws you in with the title and i remember getting really excited when you were talking about it last year. With the DarkSided Movie you would have the opportunity to go to Horror Conventions meet lots of new people/future collaborations. I feel like it would be interesting if when Jimmy is done with When Black Birds Fly you made a short Darksided parody/retelling of it would be kind of awesome.

  3. I love the idea of reusing characters - then if you get more followers after your new film it might be interesting for them to see the characters again - it will mean more links back to your old films.

    Of course whatever you feel most comfortable doing is what you should choose.

    Personally I am interested in seeing a samurai flick. I've seen some really cool old samurai movies/series shows - things that mixed up live action and included animation (in a much more crude but also more interesting way than Kill Bill) and did things that you wouldn't expect from a samurai movie. I think there is space for someone to dig that up and do new things with the samurai genre. To take it to places you wouldn't expect. I'd love to see you mix it up with random insertions of 8-bit style special effects!


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