Putting it all together

So much of being an animated filmmaker lies in the actual making of the film- well like... DUH

BUT as I've learned the hard way 0_0 If you don't put the necessary time into your web presence and promotion it's going to be really difficult for new people to learn about, discover and buy your work.

Now that I have a handle on the making of the films I can focus on other things....

I haven't had any non free blog sites for any of my stuff since 2007 when I was on a trip through Europe and my web host got hacked- trashing all the sites- and I never rebuilt them.

I realize this blog/site is good for people into the making of my work and/or animated films and art in general BUT it SUCKS for fan's of my work- fan's not interested in making their own films or my rants on whatever ^_^

So with the paypal monies I got from the last couple I AM NIGHTMARE pre-orders I paid for a year of web hosting and I'm going to be building a new mdotstrange.com and new dedicated sites for I am Nightmare, Heart String Marionette, and We Are The Strange- and also Badassery and Darksided if I have time.

I used to be a freelance web designer so I know my way around the html and the like- so this site as it is now will become my blog and that's all it will be- everything else will be on my new site.

If you have any ideas/suggestions on what my new site and the new sites for my films should be like please post in the comments!

I'm thinking for the films- things like Character galleries, character bio/info, film references, reviews, fan art, where to buy related stuff- and things like that


  1. I would suggest looking up other film's websites but most of those effin' suck and have terrible functionality.
    To be honest I really like the way you have this one set up. I know this is just a BlogSpot but I do prefer a layout like this as to one where everything is flashy and unnecessary.
    As a fan I guess what we (as fan people) are more warmer to the feel of a DVD menu type site where say the character galleries would be in separate tabs of their own and maybe a 360degree 3D turnaround model of the characters with their bio and all that.

    1. Aight will check out the 3d model thing as would be tite ^_^ thanks!

    2. canned mushrooms aka jason welsh has some awesome unity tuts on doing exactly that, makes life easy

  2. I think wordpress.org as a cms is a good choice for a few reasons.

    Firstly it’s really simple to manage. Installing a theme, editing options are not too dissimilar to blogger in many ways, but you can also dig into the html (php) and manually make changes if you want.

    If you wanted to change the look of your site, your content for the most part will stay intact for a new theme, or if you want to import your blog to or from wordpress it’s a fairly simple, automatic process too.

    It’s very extentable with plugins, a lot of the new themes come with portfolios, galleries etc... but if they don’t suit you, you can often find the solution in a third part plugin from http://wordpress.org/plugins/

    Also with stores, a lot of theme designers are building stores into their themes. Stores where you could sell physical goods as well as downloads.

    This is quite a nice theme that has ‘Jigoshop’ built in: http://demo.designwall.com/#dw-simplex It’s also only $7 at the moment in this bundle sale: https://bundlehunt.com/

    But if the style doesn’t suit you, you can probably find one to your liking on themeforest: http://themeforest.net/category/wordpress/ecommerce or another site.

    Just a thought, let me know if you need any help with WP if you decide to go that route.

    1. Good suggestion! Installed wordpress and will check out the themes! thanks!


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