Before I try crowdfunding again for I AM NIGHTMARE

I'd have to let everyone know who has pre-ordered or donated that I really appreciate it and I want to show you the best I can that the funds you donated have gone into the production of the film.

There's been 55 pre-orders for a total of $1,125 raised

Through the donation widget that's been on the site a total of $757 has been raised for the film

So between pre-orders and donations thats about $1900 raised for the film.

I've used almost all the funds to pay the main voice actors on the film- here are the sent payments

So that's a total of $1725 spent on voice actors- I spent the rest upgrading the video card on my workstation- I wrote about the video card some posts back.

So before I start another small kickstarter campaign or something like I just wanted to show you that I'm not wasting the money on bullshit.

Yesterday my one PC that was rendering died- the mainboard is kapUT-

So my crowdfunding goal will be $700 (or $750 so I get $700 after the crowdfunding sites cut) as thats the cost to buy a new CPU, mainboard and Ram to upgrade one render node.

So what should I do? Should I do another kickstarter with rewards like becoming an extra in the film for $50 or something or what? let me know what you all would want especially if you already donated/pre-ordered- what can I do for you?

The sky is the limit so don't think any request is ridiculous- its my film so I can do anything I want ^_^

So please let me know what funding reward would really make you excited to contribute- besides getting the film/soundtrack etc

Signed original storyboard pages? Signed original script pages? Imdb producer credit? Let me know and I'll get this thing goin! Thanks!


  1. the extra in the film thing is a fantastic idea, unless somebody decides that theyre going to donate for that reward and not have a mic or a camera or anything like that to actually BE an extra, you know?
    Signed pages also great ideas.
    Random little swag type things you would get at a convention and go bananas over for about a week. keychains, shirts, maybe like a "prop" from the movie. ive noticed after extensive and hard (sarcasm) research into kickstarter that projects with more material prizes tend to win.. also the ones with most facebook shares. :/

  2. MDOT!!!!! DO NOT USE KICKSTARTER!!!!!!! Use INDIE GO GO!!!! That way any money your raise no matter the amount you will be able to keep and not LOSE ANYTHING!!!! DON'T USE KICK STARTER!!!!!!!

    1. Ok I signed up for Indiegogo and made the project- just need to fill out the "perks" what should they be? Any ideas? ^_^ I"m bad at this stuff 0_o


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