New idea to raise the money to render the film- become an extra?

So this is exactly what I need to get and how much it will cost....

I have $86 in my paypal account right now- so I need $650 so that I can buy the parts I need to render the film- instead of doing a kickstarter/indiegogo right now- as I would want to do a legit one later when I have a trailer and eevrything so we can do DVD's, toys and stuff like that

How about I make a special offer to my loyal fans that you can't get anywhere else?

How about if you donate $50- I will create a 3d model based on your photo and actually PUT YOU IN THE FILM as an "extra" ^_^

So I'd do my best to create a 3d character in my style to look like you and you'd be in a crowd scene in the film-

What do yall think about that? I would only need 13 people as extras to raise the $650 needed?

To find out whether this is a viable option please answer the question below honestly so I can know whether to go ahead with this or not- thanks!

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  1. would u consider adding a bitcoin option for the geeky fans?

  2. I'm answering you here.

    Being an extra is definitely a great idea! I thought it would look a bit forced, and break the atmosphere of the movie, but if it's a crowd scene I guess it's nice.
    As for the signed storyboard/script page you mentioned below, that is tremendous. Absolutely tremendous. Anything from the pre-production make the donation very attractive.

  3. You could offer services? For example: (idk what amour) but you could offer up to model full rigs based on drawings / designs people have ?

    I'm thinking of this site as an inspiration
    in addition ........
    stick with and use what is your strong point!

    maybe even (idk if this is possible) animate 2 or 3 quick 3 minute shorts, 3 different situations .. say .. Dancing ., Fight scene, Doing yard work ... lol ..
    then you could import the model and also give them a little animated short featuring their own character!!

    idk if this would work as an additional tier . , or part of the custom rig idea.

    the main point is focus and utilize YOUR talents. It's not always about giving stuff aware , but making it more of a personal experience.

    1. maybe even including the animations as part of the credit roll with the donators name / contact info , on the sides, that might be cool as well.


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