Post production schedule for I am Nightmare

I just finaled animation on the sixth of the films nine sequences- sequence seven is already %87 complete and sequence eight is %48 complete. I'll have both of those done by the 23rd of this month then its on to the films final sequence.

Since the films final sequence has so much complex animation in it- I'm going to lower my quota to 8 shots/day for this sequence- for the rest of the film its been from 10-20 shots/day

So here's the final updated schedule for the film-

August 20th- ALL ANIMATION COMPLETED (1,411 shots)

September 1st - 30th- Light + send ALL shots to render

October 1st - 31st- Foley + Sound design + finalize Score

November 1st - 31st- Composite ALL shots and render finals

December 25th- Release I AM NIGHTMARE (101 minutes)
March 1st 2014- Begin animation on next film to be released December 25th 2014


  1. you have wiggle room scheduled in there, in case Murphy's law happens at its most inconvenient time?

    i had a harddrive failure literally as i finished the last shot of a short i'm working on so yea, wiggle room

    can't wait to see the movie tho

  2. Hope you don't mind me puking some podcast questions up in heya!
    1. What is the hardest part of a movie to write?
    2. What kind of characters do you enjoy writing?
    3. What kinds of characters are a challenge to write, and why?
    4. Are there any genres that you can't see yourself ever doing?
    5. What render passes do you use, and which ones are just wastes of render time?

  3. i hope you take this as a fan and not critic, but i think heart string marionette is definitely a beautiful film, which came from alot of time spent. Rushing might not be a great great idea. though an hours worth of film in 6 months is amazing.
    really looking forward to your output though, you're doing a great job.


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