Video games keep calling me

The request I get the most is "please make video games"

I've played around with Unity3d and have a little game project sitting waiting to be worked on- I understand the workflow and how to get all my 3d stuff into Unity I just need to set the time aside to actually create and release something- I've read a few books on game design now and have taken baby steps in learning C- so yeh all thats left is for me to create my first game and start learning through experience-

I was just watching a documentary on Walt Disney- We had the Disney channel when I was a kid and I watched it like 24/7 so old Disney films and cartoons were a huge influence on me- in the doc they got to Walt Disney's motivations behind creating Disneyland- one of them was that he wanted to take the films they had made and create a real world experience from them-

Now some of the worst games I've played have been games based on films- they usually just seem like throwaway projects- but anyway-

Obviously I can't open my own theme park right now haha- BUT it got me thinking-


I think what people are saying when they ask me to make games- is they like the worlds/moods I create and they want more of them- they want to experience those worlds- explore them-

I may seem super productive to you all BUT for as many projects that I do complete and release there's like 10 others that go unfinished- the only person that knows/hears about them all is my wife- thankfully she doesn't remind me of all my unfinished ideas haha

I think the first step I need to take is to simply take a set from a film- like the town in I am Nightmare- and release it as a playable/explorable level- I'll throw some suitE music on it to enhance the mood and just add a bunch of strange/creepy/funny elements from the film.

With the little game I started- I have NO PROBLEM designing the gameplay/interactions and all that- I probably have too many ideas 0_0 Its just about sitting here and dedicating myself to that and not animating for a film.

Problem is- the way I make films- wherein I do everything- I don't have time to do anything else- I'm going to work hard and do my best to grow my productions- I hope to be able to hire actual crews in the future-animators/compositors etc- then I'd have the time to work on games ^_^

A lot of time films are made based on games and usually they aren't very good because just like the games made from films they seem like throwaway projects just trying to make a quick buck-

We indie cg filmmakers have the opportunity to do both at the same time and make them both awesome ^_^

So they keep calling me and eventually I'll answer- I promise!


  1. If you need someone on your strange video game team, count me in, brother. I'd hang out in your world all the time.

  2. Yes please heck ya. That is an awesome way to do it

  3. Oculus Rift +M dot Strange +thoughts of Disneyland = M dot World Online 3D amusement park ....... be the innovator we all need!

  4. Unity3D just released another Short Film.
    So there's these two already:

    With tools like this you got your own Source filmmaker. And the pipeline from Cinema4d to Unity3D is very easy, love it. Invest in a good graphics card and some nice shaders and you got your realtime filmstudio and all the assets will be game ready, too..

  5. hell! count me in too! I'm at the fucking Unite 2013 conference right now! I only recently won the pro license with an invite here but as I learn more programming and shet I'll help you any way I can!


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