Too busy to blog means a lot of work done ^_^

I've been so busy the past month or so I haven't had time to write in this blog-

I'm now just about halfway through lighting/sending shots to render for I am Nightmare- so about 700 shots lit/sent to render so far-

Rendering is moving along- slowly but surely- about 280 shots have rendered so far-

I stopped working on that a few days ago to do a music video I got hired to do a video for Mindless Self Indulgence- that will be finished tomorrow- seems I can do a minute+ of animation for a music video type thang a day as thats what I'm doing for this project- so 3 days work for a music vid-

Speaking of music- M dot Strange composer/music guy has to finish the music I'm doing for a homie's film called "Welcome to Normality" soon as well- going to have to fire up Ableton and my dusty hardware for that one-

On the strange news tip I had a meeting with the enigmatic musical genius Endika last week- we talked about working on a new project together- we've decided to work together on a game that we will release Xmas 2014- I've been wanting to get into games for a while now- so 2014 will finally be the year wherein I fully immerse myself in that-

I'm really excited to be a newb and learn new stuff for making games with Unity 3d- I've played around with Unity but I haven't done any serious work with it yet- my imagination literally EXPLODES with ideas when I shift into game idea mode- so expect the unexpected from my future game projects ^_^

So I'm really excited to stop working 24/7 on a film for a while and dedicate myself to learning how to make video games-

I'm going to keep my once a year big project thing going- though it might be a feature film or game now ^_^

So since I won't be working on an animated feature in 2014 I'll have time to work on that game project with Endika and work on short subject animations- that means new Badassery and Darksided!

I've also been collaborating with Moon and Azure Shadow for a project that will go into production in 2014- it started out as an sci-fi animated feature film but I want to approach it as an episodic series-

So I'm just working away hoping my wrist holds up through all this 0_0 It's been bugging me now and then with all this mousing and clicking-

I can't wait to finish and release I am Nightmare and move on- even a year seems too long for me to work on one project- 6-9 months seems to be about right- so the next time I make an animated feature I'm going to shoot for that-

I had to go and animate two hours of film for I am Nightmare- if I keep a project down to 80 minutes and do it smartly I should be able to do a whole film in 6-9 months in the future-

I'm also going to get my own little mocap setup in 2014- I've been talking to Screamerclauz about it on the podcast recently and I'd really like to add mocap to my animation toolbox-

The future looks SO BRIGHT for all creative types 0_0 So many tools! So many possibilities to express yourself and realize ideas! So little time!


  1. You ARE a busy artist! So glad you are moving into game design/creation. Unity community is the best! Maybe an ace bandage on your wrist will help. BTW, I've got a MS Kinect you can have for your motion capture set up if you need it. And........Badassary!

  2. That's awesome as shit man, id love to play an mdot/ endika game..
    Also! I do think it would be neat to just have your worlds as playable maps like you've mentioned on the podcast.. that way people whove seen HSM and whatnot could walk around and be all like "oh man that's where the wasp woman touched that mannequin and it crumbled to dust! awesome!"
    Oh and I was wondering, is it too late to try and send a different picture for that "Being an Extra" thing?

  3. How fast do you think mocap will speed up your workflow? could you do something weekly you think?

  4. games from mdotstrange, sound awesome! speaking of keeping future features under 80 minutes, go look at some old loony toons cartoons, those guys perfected getting their cartoons to be exactly 6 minutes long

  5. dun kno what do you mean by "creative types " , but yeah .. true.. many tools

  6. Awesome! After a while you might be just fast enough in Unity to start creating your shorts in realtime.. Regarding wrist pain: consider getting a tablet as your primary input device. The default wrist pose when holding a pen is more natural and puts less strain on it. First week is going to be kind of weird but after that it'll become second nature. No need for an expensive intuos, bamboo should do just fine if you're going to use it as a mouse replacement.


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