Want to help with the "making of" I am Nightmare?

I literally have ZERO "making of" documentation for I am Nightmare- since I do most everything myself I haven't had the time or ability to document anything since I'm too busy working-

There was hours of Heart String Marionette making of stuff that you haven't seen yet but I hope that will change in the future-

I guess the only making of that could be created for I am Nightmare would be to fashion something out of interviews of the voice actors, myself and Mad Dashiell?

So it would be something like- conducting video interviews over skype or something similar and cutting them together to make some sort of narrative- whatever documentary types do ^_^

So if you have some documentary/interview experience and this is something you'd like to do please contact me at mdotstrange@gmail.com

I love making of stuff myself so I'm sort of disappointed that I didn't create any as I went along for the new film- but I'm just one guy and making the actual film is more important.

The voice actors are awesome so I'm sure interviewing them would make for some great stuff ^_^


  1. Happy to help out. Interviews, pix, anything you need.


  2. maybe i could talk to a camera about my process wile i tinker in a file i used on the film, and shoot you the clip on the dropbox

  3. Hey M dot, I'm still working on those special features! I know it's taking me forever, but they aren't forgotten.

  4. Ah I wish I had time to help out.
    Also living in Australia makes it difficult.
    Can't wait to see your new film dude!


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