Two more months of M dot workinG and you'll have a new movie from me ^_^

I haven't had the time/energy/focus to write in this blog as I finish the film and try to stay somewhat healthy in doing so...

I've gotten through lighting/sending to render 1200 of the films 1400 shots so far- I've been trying to do 50 shots a day and have kept up that quota for most of my time doing it but it started taking a toll on me mentally and physically- it started making me feel a little crazy then my carpal tunnel started acting up making my wrist ache-

So I pushed really hard and got to the 1200 shot mark and took a week off as a break to hang out with my wife and sister in Northern Cali- three days into the break I lost the hearing in my left ear again- it happened in Feb of this year as well- the Dr. gave me a medication that makes me feel like I'm insane and makes me feel like general trash but my hearing came back albeit with super loud ringing in that ear- I've had ringing for the whole year actually- just glad the hearing came back-

So anyway I came back from my break early since I had to go to the hospital- shot #624 is currently rendering so there's still 498 shots waiting to render and I'll be adding another 200 more-

My render PC is able to render about 100 shots a week- so at this rate the film won't finish rendering in time BUT there's still hope! My wife is going to animation school soon so she's buying/building a new pc this week- so as soon as that's built I'll be able to render on that as well- she's going to build an OC'd 3770k which is the same as my render speed so the renders will be finished in time with both PC's going-

I just filled out my calendar for the rest of the year- its going to be crazy but I can do it- I finish the lighting/rendering in the next ten days then its 3 weeks of compositing/rendering then its 2 weeks of foley/sound design- then a week of encoding/release prep then thats it...

I can't wait till this is done so I can get started on something new ^_^ Really looking forward to getting this film out there and moving forward!


  1. Cool ! glad to see you are still alive ... XD

    I finally got around to "reading" The War of Art, and I finally GET your insane need to push yourself.
    Great book ., I def. think EVERYONE should experience this.

    all that matters is the work.

    Cannot wait for the new flick.

    later yo.

  2. you are hardcore.

    glad you are still rockin the shots.

    I use a wacom pad for all my editing. way super helps with the wrist problems.


  3. Hey M dot! Good to hear about your progress!

    I sometimes have issues with hearing due to wax build up. If your problem is similar here are some solutions you could discuss with your doctor: hydrogen peroxide solution - put this in your ear and it will bubble vigorously and loosen up the wax. Very fast solution ( one or two days) but my doctor didn't recommend using it repeatedly. Solved the problem for me on some occasions - though not always.
    and Glycerol/glycerin - a much slower solution to be applied on a regular basis, but safer for the long term. You might need to double check the name. with your doctor.

    Very scary situation to be in sometimes, losing your hearing - especially when you need it on a day to day basis. I found those two things to be very useful.

    Both of these should be dirt cheap - or at least they were when I was living in Japan and Taiwan.

    They also have these mimikaki ear picks, which you should be able to find in Asian stores. Sometimes these really helped and helped solve the situation, other times I accidentally made it worse.

    You should be able to google hydrogen peroxide for cleaning ears, and also mimikaki. I don't know how commonly used glycerin is, that was something my doctor in Taiwan recommended.

    No need to publish this post, this is just in case this information is helpful to you.

  4. Can't wait! Every time I start lagging behind on the next book, I'm like, "C'mon, that bastard M Dot is animating like five hundred thousand shots a day."


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