I AM NIGHTMARE Post Production Diary #2

Things have been pretty tough as the film winds down- I'm STILL working on the lighting/sending to render- I now have 100 shots left out of 1,420-

The hardcore film work messed up my health again as I had the worst migraine headache of my life 2 weeks ago- the headache lasted for two days and I was puking for like 24 hours in the middle of it- if you get severe migraines you know that it feels like you are in hell- So that screwed me up for awhile as it happened a week after I lost the hearing in my left ear again- which has come back but loud ringing remains- I saw a doctor a few times and they wanted me to get an MRI but it was going to cost $820 up front so I was like ummm no-

I think I discovered what is causing my health problems though- about a year ago I made my own pull up bar by tying a steel barbell to a tree branch- I've been using that for about a year BUT the tree branch is crooked so I think it caused my neck/spinal alignment to be off as my neck cracks and has a lot of tension/pain in it which I never had before- I know it was stupid 0_0 I stopped doing the crooked tree pullups and won't do them again until I can afford the proper equipment or be able to afford going to a gym-

BUT I'm starting to feel better and have been back working on the film the past week- because of the health stuff I got behind schedule about 10-14 days- so its going to be tough to make the Xmas deadline but I'll do my best-

So I'll finish lighting/sending to render in about 5 days- then I'll move on to compositing then to sound design/mixing-

I started running out of hard drive space as well and the renders chug on- the renders have been going 24/7 on two 3770k's OC'd to 4.5ghz for about two weeks now- the 3d renders should finish on time- then I'll have to worry about the time it takes to render the composites in After Effects-

The final 3d renders had no backups until last week when I got an external 4tb drive from Fry's- The first five sequences of the film takes up 2.4tb in rendered exr sequences- thats half the film so the whole film will take up about 5tb in image sequence renders- so I'll have to get another 4tb drive to back those up in a few weeks-

ALSO- I HOPE some of you bought bitcoin when I was going on and on about it months ago- IF you did you would have TEN TIMES THE MONEY right now ^_^

I was encouraging people to check out bitcoin earlier in the year- thats when I bought my most significant amounts- it was at $40 usd a coin at that time- as of right now its $563 usd a coin

So I hope some of you bought in then!

So I'm just trying to get my health back on track whilst finishing the film- also thanks to the pre-order peeps for submitting questions for the making of documentary-

If I'm supposed to email you or do something for you which I haven't yet- I offer my apologies- It's been a hectic past few months- once I get everything under control I'm sure to get back to you etc-

OH YEH I also did this hour long webinar for Moviola which you can buy here- I'm going to do more for them in the future-

Ok back to the work----


  1. Damn, so sorry to read about your health problems.. Take care of yourself, M dot. It's better to be in good health than to tear yourself up trying to make a deadline. wish I could carry some of that load for you.



  2. On the upside you're feeling better, I know what that hell is like but I couldn't imagine being forced to live with it for as long as you did.
    And holy crap you've used up 5tb already!? Guess that's the price you pay for amazing quality

  3. Argh hope you recover from all that quickly!

    the little bit of bitcoin I did buy has increased quite a lot indeed, thanks ^__^ I get the feeling tho that it will probably go down again just before I figure out how/make the effort to do much of anything with it or sell any of it. :)

  4. Damn sorry to hear about all that M Dot. Hope everything improves from here now that you may have caught the issue. Best of luck for a speedy recovery!

  5. Rest will always do you good, don't forget that. Taking a break from work every now and again isn't going to make you lose fans man. You've built a fan base that is aware that you are a one man-bot army and that you, like the rest of us have to call into work every now and then. Respect.


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