I am Nightmare post production diary #3

The deadline I've been working towards to release my new film I am Nightmare has been December 25th 2013- or just 24 days from now-

228 remaining renders as of Dec 1st

When I did my render time calculations a few months ago that deadline seemed within reach- BUT now on December 1st there is still about 230 cinema 4d shots waiting to render- thats 250 left out of 1,420 total- I'm rendering 24/7 on two PC's- the two PC's can do about 200 shots a week-

Now thats 3d renders or cinema 4d renders- once those renders are complete I composite the shots in After Effects then I have to render the final shots from there- I did some calculations for that and it will take 24 days to render the shots out of After Effects-

So due to render times it will be impossible to release the whole film on December 25th- its looking more like mid January now-

BUT I want to release SOMETHING on December 25th

So here is my idea- please let me know what you think of it-

What if I release the first 16 minutes of the film on December 25th as a download to everyone who pre-ordered it and for free online with a marketing push to pre-order it?

The first 16 minutes is almost like a standalone film BUT has a definite cliffhanger ending to it-

I could also do an official trailer on December 25th with the pre-order marketing push-

What do you think of this? Is it good for people who pre-ordered? Good for people who have never heard of the film?

Perhaps official trailer release on December 25th online and first 16 minutes as a download to everyone who pre-ordered?

So yeh please let me know what you think I should do! Thanks!


  1. The trailer would be fine for me. I'm still going to but it anyways

  2. Sounds like a really cool idea! It would definitely push me to preorder as I was being a bit lazy and was just going to wait until release to buy.

  3. since i already pre ordered my favorite option is the last one.
    16min download for those who preordered and a new trailer for those who haven't on teh webs. but im cool with whatever, your movie bro.

  4. I think it's an excellent idea, M dot.

  5. I would hold off and just release a trailer or something. When you finally release I Am Nightmare, you want it to pack a punch. Release it all at once.

  6. Releasing a tasty tidbit sounds ok to me- and having words scrolling all over the free version on youtube with links on where to buy it

  7. Yeah, good idea. Release the first 16 min online, I guess it will have more impact.

  8. Official trailer on 25th. I think its always a nice way to get people excited for something when they dont have to wait that long. However having people wait at all is beneficial because it makes people excited for something and desire something. This will only help increase hype. Kind of like the WATS trailer. i think youtube put it on the front page or something but it was also really good at getting people hyped up for what was coming out. Sadly the movie came out quite awhile afterwards so most people probably just forgot about it or lost interest. HSM was basically on blackout for most of its production which probably only let people forget about it even coming out. We didnt see any full length trailers until the day of release or a few days before.

    As for giving the preorderers an incentive of the first 16 minutes. Maybe acknowledge that at the end of the trailer. That way people who watch the trailer can preorder right away and get something immediately for their preorder. Also make sure that preordering is easy. I know your into bitcoins and all but if its not just really simple for people to give you money it can turn a lot of people away. If you can allow payments through paypal or something thats really just a few clicks and your done then i think that will help a lot.

    also realize that you are basically doing the marketing for this movie. i know youve talked on your podcast a lot about this factor but know that there could be a better way of releasing this film
    possibly once its done you could hold off on releasing it and maybe look into paying for ad revenue on youtube. i know that's asking for a lot of money but it will get more people aware of your movie. yourself, your friends and family, and your fans only have so much reach. getting your stuff in front of strangers is always a good way to expose yourself.

    also... please please please, make the launch trailer serious. HSM had a horrible initial launch trailer. dont get me wrong, it was funny and all but it was not a good launch trailer. the second one was by far superior. i still go back and watch it.

    keep on keeping on m dot.

  9. Yeah you don't want to let the cat out of the bag... I can wait...

  10. I vote just trailer. I anxiously await your movie man, and am stoked it's almost done. But I plan on making a night of it. I don't want it to be an episodic adventure.

  11. I vote Trailer! Also put it on Newgrounds. Tom Fulp will front page it.

  12. Man! M Dot, you got some great points of view here from your fans. With comments like this "Put it on Newgrounds. Tom Fulp will front page it." (Do this. No joke. You could gather a bunch of new fans from that opportunity.)

    "Releasing a tasty tidbit sounds ok to me-"

    "I vote just trailer. I anxiously await your movie man"

    And "I don't want it to be an episodic adventure." I dis-agree with this. I feel that it should be a choice for those of us who choose to Pre-order the film. I feel that you should give everyone the trailer first with a bunch of Pre-order info at the end of the trailer and tell us that 'if you pre-order the film, you get to see the first 16 minutes of the film right NOW!' so that would give us the CHOICE of pre-ordering and CHOOSING whether we want to watch that 16 minute intro or not. But that choice shouldn't be taken away by those who are fine with waiting.

    My final way to put this helpful advice in my own words. Make a story driven and character based trailer. Make it your personal best trailer for this film. Now shorten it. Then add A(ONE!) link to the pre-order page for the film. While the link is ON-SCREEN add in a bullet point - Pre-order now and you will receive a promo-code that will allow you to download the first 16 minutes of I AM NIGHTMARE!

    Good luck M Dot.


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