Thanks for your feedback! THis is the new plan for I am Nightmare

Since I won't be able to make the Xmas release date there's no point in me rushing now- I should take my time and make sure I have time to fix things in the film that bug me (I wasn't going to)

AND most importantly I should take the time to properly introduce and promote the film the right way- as I SUCK at doing that-

I'm asking people a lot better than me at all this for advice and I've been advised that I shouldn't release an official trailer until the film is available for sale-

BUT for you pre-order peeps you will get the film as a download as soon as its done regardless of whether the trailer/promo stuff is done yet ^_^

I'm going to sell the film through which I'm really excited about- its going to take some time to design my vhx page and make it look good- don't want to rush through that-

The most important thing is the trailer- I'm NOT going to make it because I'm terrible at presenting my own work- so I'm going to find someone else to create the official trailer so that it will be awesome ^_^ It needs to be presented so that you can show it to anyone and they'll get it and hopefully be compelled to see it-

Through my experience I need to recognize my own limitations- and promoting/marketing is probably the BIGGEST thing holding me back right now

By pushing back the release date I can also make sure the making of material will be complete-

So I apologize for the brief delay in releasing the new film BUT it will allow me to make a better film and present it properly ^_^

Thanks and bestest,

M doTs


  1. I like this new plan! Taking your time and not cutting corners is the best way to go.

  2. Good stuff M.

    Take your time, the details are important. I'm unbelievably excited for this one!

  3. Glad to hear- I can wait another year as long as I know your getting things in better order. I think your making solid choices friend


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