A sample of my writing thats NOT a script

I've been meaning to complete a novel the past few years- I've started on two as it stands now- but haven't finished one yet as making animated films has gotten in the way...

Here is a sample of my free writing for an absurd sci fi novel called "I M BOMB" that I started in 2012- to make it more fun I don't outline or plan this- I just write so its all made up on the fly- since I won't be making a film in 2014 I hope to finish a novel this year- not sure if its this one or one based on this sexual horror screenplay I wrote-

It's not edited so there's probably errors- sorry bout that-


A well armored humanoid sat alone surrounded by flames that flapped like disintegrating wings of a defeated phoenix. Failing to rise again as it had so many times before the miraculous bird of resurrection that inspired the hopeful rising thoughts of many a humanoid had instead chosen death. A death that spread on a predetermined course that many a maniac had spewed on and on without pause from dry, frothy mouths. 

Like a crystalline river of fire, blood and smoke that came to a head,  a pinpoint of bipedal motion marched on through the grayness toward a predetermined fate. A fate that brought him here sitting alone facing the end, an end, an end of everything but himself, the worst nightmare of the self immolating repetitive failure of spontaneous human combustion known as Bomb. "I am bomb", the phrase that ended it all time and time again had become the wicked words that all sought out to hear in an unforgiving cursed world void of any flawed and wonderful humanity. 

“Perfection led us to this end” the world whispered into the minds of all those who could listen, who would listen. Bomb would not listen, he could not listen as his mind had not been conveniently hijacked in exchange for free bandwidth with god. God had returned, god had laid down his judgement with a metallic fist made of trillions of autonomous nano-particles. 

The dreams of many hollowed out lost humans of the last century became a reality when a notorious hacker by the name of Your Mom unleashed an idea virus that swept over the budding consciousness that was then an immature and still misunderstood Internet. Bomb knew his history but didn’t care if god was a man or an artificial life form as everything was artificial to him in this world.

Bomb, stood with the clank of his beetle shell like armor, once gleaming like the mirror of a golden scarab now faded and scarred like the shell of an ancient tortoise that’s drug itself all over a planet made of broken glass for a millennia. “How many years has it been?” wondered bomb as he shoed away swirling wisp’s of smoke near his feet to expose pulverized human remains and metallic debris. 

Bomb, a durable looking biological human with major cybernetic enhancements looked a shade past thirty as the deadness in his eyes matched the world around him. The thick charred armor he wore looked like it could withstand a nuclear blast or four hundred and thirty seven. 

Concentric rings of carcinogenic dread floated slowly away from Bomb like a mandala of mini mushroom clouds. Burning debris and distorted faces frozen in incinerated agony littered the landscape as it crackled and popped. “This is hell” said a voice inside of Bomb’s head “No it’s not” said bomb “I haven’t found hell yet and when I do I’ll be sure to let you know” he added as he lifted a vintage handmade organic cigarette to his faded and cracked lips. Bomb leaned over and lit his cigarette from an outstretched arm of a corpse with burning hand “Thanks Buddy” he whispered as the wind picked up and pushed the smoke toward the east. “Guess its time to go west eh” Bomb said as he moved his feet up and down in a familiar motion that he knew would again surround him with friends that he would have to say goodbye too in a flash of molecule pulverizing violence. 

It’s just the way it was in Bomb’s world, meet a human, talk about the weather, share a thought and watch them melt before your eyes. He’d seen it happen hundreds of times before, the first fifty or so he felt the burning frustration and agony as a radioactive Sisyphus pushing a seventy two ton boulder up a hill to reach water to quench his parched lungs only to have it roll back down with a deafening “BOOM” erasing the fragile world, and fragile humans he worked so hard to gain the trust of. 

Bomb once worked hard to make friends even though he inadvertently murdered them all. “I don’t need any friends any more, I don’t  want to know anybody” he whispered to himself and he lurched toward a sickly hazy yellow sunset that would choke any fine artist who attempted to recreate its gruff, toxic palette.

“Nothing Town was deleted today in an unknown terrorist event”  said the computer generated female voice that blared into the mind of Dat Lady through a neuro-link tap “No reliable surveillance data is available on the nuclear explosion that occurred, god hand were in the area questioning a suspected terrorist when the attack took place. All units and the suspect have undoubtedly been destroyed” continued the feed. 

Standing on a dusty barren cliff once populated with flora and fauna of a lost age Dat Lady peered down at a speck of human gait meandering through the smoke using her enhanced optics. Dat Lady, clad in a skintight rubber suit that left little to the biological human male imagination other than “where do I sign up to attempt to copulate profusely with?” smirked as she watched the figure walk on through a valley of smoldering trash. She placed her hand on her hip which jutted from the top of her leg like a wayward love handle lost in a sex factory. If some less sexy biological women oozed sex appeal, then Dat Lady ejaculated fuck all over the face of the world that often burned its malignant unwavering stare into her physical facade. 

Rotating images of Bomb’s face flicker in front of her from her neural link feed “Hey you’re supposed to be dead Mr. Terrorist” muttered Dat Lady as she tugged on the thick chain in her right hand. As she tugged on the chain a human male bound and gagged on a leash fell forward and whimpered. “What are you complaining about you paid for this” barked Dat Lady as the groveling man reached out for her towering studded platform boot. With a twist of her hips, speeding torsion threw her knee up into the air and her boot down onto the man’s hand “Crunch!” boot onto hand “Don’t touch the fucking boots with your hands, these boots are for crushing your balls only! Your dog balls!” shouts Dat Lady as her sculpted voluptuous biological figure reacted accordingly to her staccato authoritarian movements. The man corrected his posture and froze while on all fours like a dog pointing at its target. “Good boy” chimed Dat Lady as she patted the gleaming man’s head before smacking him across the face “No drooling!” she added.

Veering her eyes back down into the valley she spied the mutating figure once again “That’s some armor he’s got, is that how he survived?” she murmured as the dogman beneath her howled like a gagged and neutered coyote “Shutup!” she shouted as she pulled a large realistic looking latex breast from out of her shirt . “Get the tits boy! Get the tits!” she said as she waved the breast over the head of the leaping dog man. She cocked her arm back “ready boy? ready?” she continued as she tossed the breast down into the valley towards the day traveler in the valley of death. “Get the tits boy! get the tits!” She added as she pulled a deflated rubber breast from out of her pocket and attached it to her chest, with a “whoosh” it instantly inflated returning her body to its normal state. 

With several fleshy thuds the detached breast bounced down the hill and landed in front of Bomb who stopped in his tracks. Following the breast down the hill was a mixture of muffled barks, hard thumps, and silenced shrieks. Bomb watched the leather clad dog man roll down the hill and land at his feet. “And what are you supposed to be” asks Bomb as the semi conscious dog man staggered to his hands and knees. “and what is this?” Bomb says as he picked up the rubber breast and examined it. “Get your hands off my tits!” shrieked Dat Lady as Bomb focused his glare up the hill. “Didn’t you hear me? Get your hands off my tits!” she screams as a defiant Bomb fondles the detached artificial breast. “Ruf Ruf rub!” mumbles the dog man as he barked, trying to leap up and grab the breast for himself. “This is a nice boob, it would make for a good soft pillow on those cold nights I’m going to keep it for myself, see ya!” Bomb said as he turned and continued walking down the trash lined road. “Get back here you damn terrorist! Quit tryna run off with my tit!” screamed Dat Lady as Bomb started to fade out in the distance.

Ya think anyone would want to read something like that?

If I didn't make movies but sat around, drank and wrote I'd probably have a bunch of novels by now haha- and my carpal tunnel wouldn't be so bad 0_0 

I've got too many ideas to make them all as films so I'm going to have to start doing something different-like getting my ideas out as books- I'm going to do my best as the ideas are really starting to stack up and I like too many of them-

Books and games I must do!!!!!


  1. This is amazing M Dot. I wanted to see what your fantasy writing style was like. Awesome

  2. It all depends on where it goes and what feel you go for. I like the scene you set up. Some descriptions could be downsized. Like the paragraph about how sexy she is. Something like "Whose body a hourglass smoldering like the leveled oblivion surrounding her."

  3. This is incredible, it's wonderful to see your endless imagination in literature. I would absolutely love to see any full novel from you.


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